Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's the confession to end all confessions!" Dashboard Confessional Live In Manila

Written by: Jamie Ortega
8:22 PM

Dashboard Confessional held a concert last May 27, 2010 at the Concert Grounds of the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. Fans and future fans alike were beholden by the band’s edgy indie rock sound.

The show started at 7:30pm as the front act Franco hit the stage. The band performed 5 songs. After an hour the lights went out and pandemonium ensued. People flocked from all corners of the mall to catch a glimpse of Dashboard Confessional. As expected, the band sang 17 songs from their past and present albums including “Don’t Wait,” from their “Dusk and Summer” album which was the first song of the evening as well as “Belle Of The Boulevard” from their present album “Alter The Evening”. The band composed of frontman Chris Carraba, bassist Scott Shoenbeck, lead guitarist John Lefler and drummer Mike Marsh were bursting with energy on stage. Dashboard Confessional also covered the song “El Scorcho’ from the band Weezer.

The band was definitely happy to be in Manila and showed no signs of dwindling energy. After their 15th song Chris Carrabba shouted, “Thank you very much for being here Manila!” then launched into their hit song “Stolen”, this was the final song of the evening. After much prodding from the audience Dashboard Confessional went back on stage and sang their encore, “Hands Down”. Manila Concert Scene must confess, we love Dashboard Confessional and hope that they come back for a major concert soon. What’s your confession?

Spotted in the audience were familiar faces from the Pinoy music scene like Champ Lui-Pio from Hale, Rye Sarmienta of 6cyclemind and Yael Yuzon of Spongecola. Big thanks to MMI for their help! Till the next concert guys!


-Don’t Wait
-Good Fight
-Saints and Sailors
-The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
-Carry This Picture
-Everybody Learns From The Disaster
-Belle of the Boulevard
-They cover Weezer’s song: El Scorcho
-Screaming Indefelities
-The Swiss Army Romance
-As Lovers Go
-Rooftops and Invitation
-Remember to Breathe
-Get Me Right
-[ENCORE] Hand’s Down


Jan Erik said...

They also played part of "Woe" by Say Anything at the end of Remember to Breathe. Awesome show!

Shady Lady said...

Their latest album is called Alter the Ending, not After the Evening.

Addicted to Concerts said...

@shady lady, thanks for informing us.

Rhea Rose said...

It's "Chris Carrabba."