Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The MASSIVE Music Festival hits Manila

Written by: Jamie Ortega
Photos by: Azrael Colladilla

The Divan Media group has just made history. The longest and largest concert ever to hit musical shores, the Then And Now Massive Music Festival, was a resounding success. Lasting from 9pm to 2 am the 10,000 ++ strong audience reminisced, grooved, and sang along to the hits of 9 musical artists; PM Dawn, Baby Bash, SWV, All 4 One, Diana King, Frankie J, TQ, Jojo and V Factory. This event has proven that great music no matter what the era will never get out of style. And naturally, Manila Concert Scene had the best seat in the house, an all-access pass to all the backstage action. From all of us at Manila Concert Scene we would like to give a huge kudos to the Divan Media Group and all their sponsors for making this historical event a euphoric success. Concert-goers who were there first-hand to witness all the revelry are clamoring for a part 2 of the festival.If it will happen, you can be sure Manila Concert Scene will be there to keep you guys updated, so keep on visiting Manila Concert Scene for all the news and tidbits you wont get anywhere else!

Picture captions:

Myrus Apacible:

Front act Myrus Apacible sang his own acoustic version of the Westlife hit “My Love”, Jason Mraz’s “Im Yours” and Southborder’s “Kahit Kailan”

After his performance Myrus stayed till the end of the concert, having pictures taken with the other artists who performed.


MYX Vj’s Janine and Nel Gomez were the hosts. VJ Janine shared that she was excited to hear SWV’s Weak, and Nel revealed he was a fan of Frankie J and Baby Bash. Nel even beatboxed Baby Bash’s Suga Suga.

V Factory:

The boyband V Factory was the first international act to perform. Before every performance the group makes it a point to pray together. They first sang the ballad “Fade Away” then each member introduced themselves. Asher Book forgot to give Jared his turn in which Jared kidded, “Okay, I’m no longer in the group”.

Backstage Nathaniel Flatt shared that he once danced at a show for Regine Velasquez in LA, and is in awe of the Filipina diva’s singing voice. Jared Murillo revealed that after playing a Wildcat in Highschool Musical the ballroom dancing champ has become good friends with the Highschool Musical stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. When it came to his present status with ex-girlfriend Ashley Tisdale, however, he was mum on the matter.

TQ: The rapper sang his brand new single “Electronic” from his latest album Kind Of Blue for the very first time at the concert. Copies of “Kind Of Blue” were sold at the concert. In between songs the rapper took of his t-shirt and threw it into the audience.

PM Dawn: Doc G of the group PM Dawn went into the audience and gave red roses while singing the group’s hits “Patient’s Eyes” and “Set Adrift A Memory Bliss”. He wore the iconic Pinoy three stars and a sun t-hsirt making someone in the audience yell, “I love your t-shirt”. He dedicated his last song to the late Filipino rapper Francis M.

Diana King- she performed her hit songs among them “Say A Little Prayer”, and “Shy Guy’ barefoot. Diana who is originally from Jamaica commented that because of the heat she felt right at home in the Philippines.

Frankie J –The r and b singer sang his newest song Crush for the very first time at the concert. When he sang Obsession No Es Amor Baby Bash came out.

Baby Bash- the singer sang his hits Cyclone with two back-up dancers. He was chanting “Pinoy Power Philippines Power” and revealed onstage that he loves pork sinigang

Jojo: The teen r and b singer sang her hits “Do You Know How To Touch A Girl”, “The Way You Love Me” and “Too Little Too Late” . She dedicated “Too Little Too Late” to all the girls who got their heart broken. She also sang “Safe With Me” and “Play This Twice”. Jojo was estatic to be back, “ Manila you guys are so cool. 6 weeks ago I was here with JT and Timberland and I was like man, I hope to be back. I hope to come back again to promote my album”.

ALL-4-One- They sang their hits “So In Love” and “I Swear”. The group dedicated “I Swear” to everyone who has gotten married to this song”.

SWV- the last act to come on stage was Sisters With Voices. They dedicated their hit song “Weak” to Manila and shared that they wished Manila had invited them to perform a long time ago but were happy to be here.

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