Saturday, June 5, 2010

Air Supply Contest

Written by: Kevin Pableo
Saturday 6/5/10
7:36 PM

Do you want to watch Air Supply Live in Manila? Just answer these three questions and send us an email at with your complete name and contact numbers to win the tickets!

  1. What is your favourite song by Air Supply and why?
  2. Name the two members of Air Supply
  3. Why should we pick you?

Contest period is from June 06 to June 20, 2010

Winners will be posted on June 21, 2010


Luiza Tioco Artillero said...

I joined! ;) Keeping my fingers crossed.

Mylene said...

JOINED TOO!!wish me luck!!

destined-ramin said...

i joined as well :)

God bless to all :D

vhaxpazzer said...

fingers crossed.... ;-)

galenlondeien said...

Hope I win too! =)

mybabychanelle said...

i really hope I win... seeing them in person will be the greatest moment of my life! :D

Mhela said...

joining!! thanks for the opportunity! more power and God bless.

Luiza Tioco Artillero said...

Tomorrow's the day!! Goodluck guys!

VinVin said...

Just sharing with you my Air Supply experience.