Friday, June 18, 2010

Train on their first Manila Trip!

Written by: Jamie Ortega
Thursday 6/17/10 2:46 PM

Calling all Soul Sisters and Mister Misters out there catch the Grammy-award winning rock group Train at Alabang Town Center Activity Center on June 18, 2010 Friday as they sing their phenomenally successful song Hey Soul Sister and other tunes from Train’s 5th album Save Me San Francisco. Manila Concert Scene engaged the band in a little chit-chat at the Bellevue hotel this afternoon as Train talked about why they dedicated their latest album to San Francisco, the band’s evolution through the years and what inspired then to write the Grammy Award winning album Drops Of Jupiter. Though visibly tired from their latest gig in Japan (Pat asked for coffee after the media interviews) the band is definitely happy to be in Manila and raring to share their live music to their Pinoy fans.

“The people here in the Philippines are so nice and upbeat and happy, it’s different but it’s so incredible it’s a beautiful first trip to Asia,” enthused lead singer Patrick Monahan. Train guitarist Jimmy Stafford talks about the love Train has for San Francisco, “Well, we started in San Francisco 16 years ago and we all lived there and we all moved away, went on the road for years, made records and kind of lost touch with our roots a little bit, took a few years off, we wanted to get back to what we enjoyed about this band in the beginning, stripped down to the original members and get back to making music because we loved playing music and being in this band so we kind of lost that. We didn’t try to emulate the first record as a band; we just got happy again,”

Train’s songs are filled with quirky yet sentimental visuals (untrimmed chest, anyone?) and Patrick clues is in on this trademark, “You know, I think it’s almost to make fun of things. It’s almost like to see how far you can take comedy, it’s like the most dramatic movies in the world have really funny moments and the best comedies have dramatic moments,” while drummer Scott Underwood explains the 70s and 80s pop references on Save Me San Francisco, “I think the whole album is about the 70s and 80s like with Sonny and Cher singing “I got you babe,” it’s like funny to mention those moments and someone will go oh, I know what you meant,”. The band gets a little bit serious as they talk about the inspiration behind the Grammy-winning song Drops Of Jupiter, “It was more like my mom who passed away dedicated the album to me, I woke up from a dream with my song and it was like she said, here’s what it’s like out here,” shares Patrick.

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