Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Best Beatle Event since 1966!

Written by Kevin Pableo
Photos by Manila Concert Scene

Yes, if you were a big fan of The Beatles, you shouldn't miss the night as the original drummer of The Beatles, Pete Best, took the concert stage here in Manila for the very first time! Beatle Fans across the Metro reunited for the love of The Beatles from songs, to fashion and a lot more!
It was held at the Aliw Theater last September 11,2010 and Steve O'Neal Productions gave Team MCS an opportunity to cover out the whole show!

By 9pm, Jay Jay Lozano's The Bloom Brothers was the first band/musicians performed last night. They sang 3 Beatle songs(Hello Goodbye, Here Comes The Sun and Paperback Writer).

After them, Legendary musicians, Ms. Lenny De Jesus and Mr. Toni Boy Cojuanco took the stage singing out 2 Beatle songs. One of the song was "This Boy" which was written and composed by Sir Paul McCartney and Sir John Lennon. Also, McCoy Fundales joined Toni Boy Cojuanco and Lenny De Jesus.

After Mr Toni Boy and Ms. Lenny's performances, McCoy Fundales took the stage. He sang "All We Need is Love" for his first song of the show. He also performed "Junk" written by Paul McCartney and the guitarist used an Ukulele guitar for that song.

Mr. Rene Garcia of The Hotdog joined McCoy Fundales and they sang a song written by George Harrison and in the end, they sang "Live and Let Die"

Ely Buendia of Pupil joined Rene and McCoy onstage and sang a song from The Beatles' Revolver album and "We Can Work It Out"

After Ely, McCoy and Rene's performance, The legendary musician, Ramon RJ Jacinto rocks the show! He sang 5 Beatle song including "Till There Was You", "Slow Down", "Hard Day's Night" and more!

Before Pete Best performed, The Beatles Fans inside the room gave a chance to asked questions for Pete Best and of course around The Beatles. Questions like what they are doing when the band(When Pete Best was at The Beatles)preparing for their concerts or gigs, Secrets about The Beatles and a lot more!

It's time! Yes! Pete Best took the stage with Rene Garcia, Ely Buendia and McCoy Fundales. They performed 7 songs including "Rock N Roll Music", "Money(That's What I Want)", "P.S I Love You", Till There Was You", "I Saw Her Standing There" and a lot more.

For the last 2 songs, Pete Best's brother, Roag Best, performed onstage as a drummer. Pete Best joined Rene, Ely, McCoy, Jay-Jay, together with RJ, Toni Boy and Lenny performed onstage also to sang "With A Help of My Friend" and "Twist and Shout" for the last song.

After the show, fans grabbed their opportunity to meet and greet Pete Best at the lobby of the Aliw Theater.
Thanks to Sir Steve and the rest of the crew(Steve O'Neal Productions) for giving us an opportunity to cover out the show also thanks to them for giving out Beatle fans(from all generations) to witness another Beatle event. It was announced last night at the show: Expect another BeatleFest next year. Till the next concert! :)

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Lambert said...

You've got good pictures out here. Thanks a lot for sharing these photos.
That day, even for once in so many years, was a Beatles day for me. I helped put up the exhibit and shared some of my books. I hoped the people who visited this 'impromptu' exhibit felt a little better to see there are still people for whom The Beatles deeply mattered. Cheers!