Monday, September 20, 2010

Concert Timeline: SupaFest 2010

Happenings and the timeline for SupaFest 2010 last September 18 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds!

3pm: Rehearsals at the venue. T-Pain was at the venue
6pm: gates open at the concert grounds
8:20pm: Show starts. Front act by Young JV and Q-York. They sang 3 songs. Estimated crowd: 15,00 in attendance for that time
8:40pm: Sean Kingston's DJ hits the stage.
8:45pm: Sean Kingston's 1st song: Me Love
8:55pm: 2nd song: Take You There
9pm: 3rd song: Letting Go
9:10pm: 4th song: Face Drop
9:15pm: 5th song: I'm At War
9:18pm: 6th song: Beautiful Girls
9:25pm: 7th song: Eenie Meenie
9:27pm: 8th song: OMG(by Usher cover)
9:28pm: 9th song: Fire Burning
9:30pm: break. Setting the set for Kelly Rowland. Estimated crowd: 18,000 for that time
9:40pm: Kelly Rowland hits the stage. 1st song: Like This
9:45pm: 2nd song: Dilemma
9:50pm: 3rd song: Say My Name
9:52pm: 4th song: Bootylicious
9:53pm: 5th song: Independent Women
9:55pm: 6th song: Survivor
9:58pm: 7th song: Emotion. Kelly chose a guy in the audience and went onstage. Kelly serenaded the guy on the stage!
10:02pm: 8th song: Commander
10:05pm: Break. Setting up the stage for T-Pain. Estimated crowd at that time: 21,000
10:20pm: T-Pain hits the stage! 1st song: Goodlife by Kanye West(He only sang his part of the song)
10:23pm: Buy U A Drank
10:27pm: Bartender
10:34pm: Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown(T-Pain only sang his part of the song)
10:38pm: Drop It Low Girl by Ester Dean(He only sang his part of the song)
10:42pm: Got Money
10:44pm: Freeze
10:54pm: Break. Setting up the stage for Flo Rida's show. Estimated crowd at that time: 23,000
11:23pm: Flo Rida's DJ hits the stage!
11:24pm: Flo Rida onstage. 1st song: In Da Ayer. At the Wil-I Am part of that song, Flo Rida climbed scaffolding tower at the side of the stage
11:30pm: 2nd song: Jump
11:35pm: 3rd song: Elevator
11:38pm: Git Fresh hits the stage. Sang 4 songs
11:47pm: Briyanna hits the stage. Sang 2 songs
11:50pm: Flo Rida back onstage sang Boom Shaka Laka with Briyanna
11:55pm: Flo Rida went back onstage. 4th song: Sugar
11:59pm: 5th song: Low
12:04am: 6th song: Roll with Sean Kingston
12:07am: 7th song: Right Round
12:15am: 8th song: Club Can't Handle Me
12:16am: break
12:17am: Flo Rida back onstage. 9th song: Rewind
12:20am: 10th song: Gonna Get It
12:22am:11th song: Move Shake Drop
12:28am: Flo Rida gave his personal number to the public. Call Flo Rida: 3055282786
12:30am: Concert was ended. 23.000 in attendance and over 4 1/2 hours!

written by: Kevin Pableo/ Manila Concert Scene
event by Wilbros Entertainment
For corrections, please contact us. Thanks :)

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