Sunday, September 12, 2010

Intensity:Rain and UKiss Live In Manila

Rain with U-Kiss live in Manila
Written by: Danica Haresco

The K-Pop invasion that’s been sweeping the Nation reached its’ peak last September 11 as Korean boy group U-Kiss and pop superstar Rain electrified the Mall Of Asia open grounds with a thrilling musical showcase of fireworks, unstoppable dance numbers, and sentimental love songs. 20,000 to 30,000 people strong attended the event that kicked off with Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista getting his swagger on with the singer’s rendition of “Wrong Number” by K-Pop group One Way. The balladeer also sang the classic tune Jose Mari Chan’s “Beautiful Girl” and his biggest hit to date, “The Way You Look At Me”. In the midst of both numbers the charming singer serenaded two eager girls onstage, with one gal snagging a kiss from the charismatic balladeer.

Kc Montero, who was the host for the night’s music festivities, introduced K Pop sensation U-Kiss. Are you ready? U u u u kiss Brave sound brave sound Binggeul baenggeul binggeul baenggeul” shouted the 7-member boy group as they mounted the stage. Deafening screams filled the crowd as U-Kiss sang 4 songs including their hit, the LSS-inducing “Binggeul Binggeul Bingguel”. In between song and dance numbers the handsome group of lads gave the audience their own version of “fan service” swaying their hips and mimicking Rain’s trademark dance-thrust to the crowd’s amusement. A surprise number and breath of musical fresh air was U-Kiss’ sole English tune, their own version of Boyz II Men’s “End Of The Road”.

Then, it was time for some Rain. The Korean Pop Superstar who rose to popularity in the Philippines through the Korean TV drama “Full House” superstar put his shy boy swagger on, gyrating, dancing, and rapping with accompanying sexy back-up dancers amid a huge shower of confetti and fireworks. The Korean performer sang his worldwide hit “It’s Coming” as well as “Touch Ya” “How To Avoid The Sun”, I Do, “Love Song,” “Love Story” “Rainism”. Finishing off his set were the cool as ice tunes “Hip Song” and “Instead Of Saying Goodbye”. The Korean singer (who is also in the country to shoot a TV drama “The Fugitive to be aired on TV 5) also gave his own brand of “fan service”, taking off his shirt to giddy squeals from the audience. At the end of the electrifying 9 numbers, the Korean Popstar bade Manila farewell, descending from the stage on an elevated platform in true Rainism style. It was an amazing end to a night brimming with Asian talent.

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