Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jay Sean In Manila

Jay Sean Live In Manila
By Jamie Ortega

Get ready Manila to go “Down, down, down!” Jay Sean, the R and B artist who catapulted to fame with hits “Down” and “Do You Remember” arrived in the Philippines to promote his concert in Araneta Coliseum on September 3, 2010 entitled “Jay Sean: All Or Nothing”. Manila Concert Scene was privileged enough to have a one on one interview with Jay, dubbed as the “One Man Boyband,” because of the singer’s superb beatboxing skills and smooth urban stylings.

“I guess that was one of the first real pop and r and b records to hit the radio, it came at a time where music was evolving and this type of sound was being strongly embraced” shared the R and B sensation, talking about “Down”, Jay Sean’s hit single released in 2009 which rose to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, selling over one million digital singles in less than eight weeks and garnering 70 million views on YouTube. Bon in India (of Punjabi heritage) and raised in the UK, Jay Sean success brings immense pride to both countries, being the first solo act of South Asian origin to top the Billboard Hot 100 with “Down” as well as being the first British artist to conquer the Billboard Hot 100 in over a decade.

After “Down” came Jay Sean’s second hit “Do You Remember” which sold a million digital copies in United States. When it comes to writing hits the R and B singer reveals that it is more of an organic process than anything else, “The inspiration just comes, you cant force it. I think it really comes from when you’re in the zone and in the studio, listening to the music, humming the melody, whatever I felt, and I didn’t realize I was using the word down”. I was like, why am I singing “Down”? I thought, well, lets write about it. It must be what I was meant to write about”. The charismatic singer also reveals his pre-rituals before performing, “I do 800 push-ups, I run on the spot and get pumped up so I wake up, I also warm up my vocal chords to make sure they’re nice and warm when I am doing my performances”.

One thing though that takes Jay aback during his concerts is when girls boldly express their undue admiration for the R and B singer, “There’s a few embarrassing moments on stage of course every time the girls throw their underwear is quite interesting. It happened a couple of weeks ago, don’t ask me how they took them off, I’m hoping their clean, I didn’t check” he jokes. Ready for anything, Jay Sean is pumped up to give his fans an evening they will remember forever. “When I’m doing my concerts I like to give something extra, I want to give them something more than what you got on the CD, I like to give them some freestyling, some jamming, sometimes we will go on extendedly and even jam together as a band. You know we just like to have fun, some beat boxing, some songs they’ll even know, and it’s going to be fun”. Brace yourselves for a fantastic, hearth thumping, booty shaking time! “Jay Sean: All Or Nothing” is brought to you by Bluedream Productions and Music Management International.

Jay Sean’s album “All Or Nothing”which includes the hits “Down” and “Do You Remember” is available at all major music stores nationwide exclusively from MCA Music,

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