Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jay Sean's Concert Press Release

Written by: Jamie Ortega
Photos by Manila Concert Scene

“How you doing Manila? I came all the way from London to sing for you guys!” exclaimed Jay Sean at the start of his “All Or Nothing” concert at the Araneta Coliseum last September 3, 2010. The R and B sensation turned The Big Dome into one big party place singing hits “Do You Remember” and “Down” from his third album, “All Or Nothing”. During the smooth-talkin’ ditty “Ride It” Jay performed a suave rap sending the audience into a tizzy. “If you are with your girlfriends or boyfriends hug her real close,” encouraged the singer who had the audience in constant participation during the entire one hour show. “We say Jay,” “You Say Sean!” answered back the crowd.

The highlight of the entire evening, though, was when the charismatic singer of Punjabi descent deftly launched into a beatboxing exhibition with his band and disc jockey DJ Biks who were both on stage. To the audience’s amusement Jay mimicked the record scratching sounds created by DJ Biks to a T. After the exhibition the sexy singer slowed down the hearth-thumping action by serenading a girl onstage to the slow-jamming “If I Aint Got You”. “How do you say I love you?” he asked the crowd. ”Oh, mahal kita” whispered Jay to the enraptured female fan.

Bringing a lot of pride to the audience composed primarily of Indians was when Jay sang and rapped a song from his first album: ‘Me Against Myself” entirely in Punjabi. Even if his next song was “I Wont Tell” anyone could tell that the peppy, sexy song from Jay’s debut album “Me Against Myself” was a crowd favorite. Lastly, the R and B fest came to a close with Jay’s latest single “2012”. “I don’t care if you’re 60 and you’re gonna break your hip yall gonna stand up,” exclaimed Jay. As if the crowd needed any encouragement, by the end of “All Or Nothing” nobody wanted the concert to close. Nothing they could do, it was the end of a great night filled with suave tunes and sexy sounds.

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