Friday, October 22, 2010

Adam Lambert Invades Manila!

It was a night where glamour reigned in the best way. Glamrock idol Adam Lambert lit up the Manila night sky with his spectacular performances, tiptop choreography, and soaring vocals. It definitely made us wonder where this singer got his energy as Adam opened the Glamnation Tour: Live In Manila with a riveting medley of “Voodoo”, “Ring Of Fire”, and “Down The Rabbit Hole” clad in a top hat, coat tails and cane. The master showman was here and we were all ears. “Hello Manila welcome to the Glamnation Tour!” he boomed amidst a stage transformed into an eerie magical forest complete with laser lights, sensual dancers and a band delivering pulsating beats.
The next song was something Manila was very familiar with, and the crowd definitely showed their appreciation. Adam launched into “For Your Entertainment” before greeting the throngs of people with, “My band rocks! Manila, are you having fun?” At the back of a stage was an LCD screen which flashed images related to the spectacle, a ring of fire, a skull and crossbones, all adding to the mood. It couldn’t be denied though, every single eye in the audience was on Adam. The all-out performer then launched into the sexually-charged ‘Fever” clad in a black open-chested glittery top and tight leather pants. Ardent fans in the audience were wondering alud, would he do it? And as always Adam didn’t disappoint. After some winks, a few batting of eyes the lip lock between Adam and bassist Tommy Joe Ratliff ensued amidst giddy cheers from the audience, one man even shouting, “ AdamI love you!” Talk about pushing the envelope, the envelope was on the floor, in shreds, and the crowd was begging for more. Hand us our thermometers please!

For the next song, “Sleepwalker” thumping beats, a flaming LCD screen and sexy dancers in voodoo garb filled the stage as Adam descended the stage in a black cape, looking like a prince of darkness. When the song was done the glamrock idol sat on a stool and greeted the crowd, “It’s good to finally be in the Philippines. The theme of tonights show is love,” The singer, looking very much like a harbinger of love, explained that his goal for tonight is to show all forms of love, even the ones that break people’s hearts. “If we didn’t know heartache like that, we wont know true love,” he shared before launching into a heartrending acoustic version of “Whataya Want From Me.

Continuing into the vibe previously set Adam went acoustic for the two numbers that followed, “Soaked” “Broken Open,” and shared a piece of advice with his audience “The first step to finding true love is you gotta love yourself,” before breaking into the hopeful ballad “Aftermath”. But before the crowd fell into a lull Adam was up and at it with “Music Again” “Surefire Winners” and “Strut”. He didn’t have to say it the lyrics of his songs explained it all, after pain there is love, there is music, and you will still come out a winner if you allow yourself to.
For the finale Adam, who changed into a black and blue sleeveless top and pants with an “A” at the back shared the message of the entire show, something he wanted his audience to walk home with tonight, “No matter how much money fame, success or sex in your life it really doesn’t mean much unless its’ connected with love, love!” He then proceeded to introduce his dancers Sasha Mallory. Taylor Greene, Terrence Spencer, choreographer Brooke Wendle, and band bassist Tommy Joe Ratliff, musical director and guitarist Monte Pittman, drummer Isaac Carpenter, and keyboardist Camila Grey.

The lights suddenly turned off and everything grew to a close. Was it the end? Before his final goodbye Adam performed an acoustic version of “Mad World” the song that earned him a standing ovation from former American Idol judge Simon Cowell . It was finally over but the amazing musical memories, the life lessons, the feeling of watching such an epic musical night with the one and only glamrock idol will stay with us forever. “Thank you Manila, “ he uttered. No Thank you Adam for gracing us with your music.


Anonymous said...

Very nice article. It is such a thrill to see Adam Lambert perform. It turns out to be an experience that just can't be captured by film or words because he is truly phenomenal!!

Pol said...

"...the envelope was on the floor, in shreds"..yes exactly! You haven't seen anybody perform like this in a long time. And I agree with For Your Entertainment, the crowd was just fabulously screaming and singing along, the concert was consistently electrifying even during the acoustic set...thanks you enjoyed the show. =)