Sunday, October 3, 2010

No rain will stop John Mayer fans!

Eighteen thousands fans courageously watch the American singer-songwriter John Mayer perform for the first time in the country last October 01,2010

MOA concert grounds was already half-filled up around 8 PM. Most of the fans came ready with their rain boots, rain coats and umbrellas. Some bought their gear at SM Department store or at the venue.

Aiza Seguerra, open the show around 8 PM with her lively band of musicians. She performed a couple of original and covered songs. Aiza was also excited to get out of the stage and watch John Mayer perform. Luckily rain stops on Aiza’s set.

Immediately after Aiza Seguerra left the stage the light went down and bunch of John Mayer’s crew prepared, fix and check the instruments.

John Mayer hit the stage wearing a Motley Cure tour shirt, a jeans and Rubber shoes with his first song “Vultures”. However the rain fell hard on this part.

Umbrellas were up all over the place on this part leaving Mayer to sing his second song “No such thing” and he also mention to the crowd how slippery is the stage.

John Mayer greeted the crowd with “Kamusta ka” and continue singing all his hits from his first album (Room For Squares) to his latest (Battle Studies).

The crowd sang along with his hits “Why Georgia”, “Your Body Is A Wonderland”, “Waiting For The World To Change” and many more as the rain continues.

John Mayer ends the night with “Half Of My Heart” mixing it up with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.

Thank you to Channel V Philippines!


Anonymous said...

for his 10 years entertaining, slight biten ung end. -GSE

Anonymous said...

kung uulan sana maayos ung seating, bitin kapag silver bronze, general, kasi daming payong haharang sa show

bliss said...

half of my heart/don't stop is not the last song, the crowd asked for "we want more" what was it?

shie said...

Half of My Heart/ Dont Stop were supposedly the last song but he gave in to public clamor and came back after a while performing the last song Edge of Desire .... love it despite the rain Mayer is an awesome musician, hassle lang talaga yung mga payong that's blocking our line of sight, mas enjoy ngang mabasa eh...