Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taylor Swift Live In Manila (Update)

SCOOP: There has been so much talk about exactly when Taylor Swift’s Manila concert will be, if at all. There have been many speculations and even misleading publicity that the concert will be this October, which was later moved to November.

According to Ovation Productions’ Renen de Guia, promoter of the hugely successful concerts in Manila (of, among others, Lady Gaga, Usher and Tears For Fears) and now the officially confirmed promoter of Taylor Swift in Manila, Taylor’s concert has been scheduled for Feb. 2011 and cannot be on an earlier date as the tour has been carefully planned to come after the release of her new album, Speak Now, which according to MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) marketing director, Wilson Cruz, is set to be released worldwide this Oct. 25 and in Asia the next day. This highly anticipated second international album of Swift’s includes the current hit single Mine.

I checked with Wilson and he confirmed both Swift’s October album release date and her February concert per advice they received from Universal Music Group International head office. According to Renen, Ovation Productions will come out with a special announcement on Nov. 1 regarding Taylor Swift’s February concert.

“This is in synchronization with all countries in Southeast Asia participating in the tour,” said Renen.

In the meantime, Taylor Swift fans clubs in the Philippines are invited to contact Ovation Productions at special hotlines 0915-4744397 (Globe) and 0949-4944954 (Smart).



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thank you so much!
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wow! i really like taylor swift..she's the best female artist i've ever known!!! i really really like much... all her songs is really the best i've ever heard....