Thursday, March 10, 2011

STP and our Tweet coverage compilation

Moshpit at the front-row, fans chanting STP! STP! STP! before STP performed Plush and a lot more! Here’s our recap of our MCS Tweet Concert Coverage for Stone Temple Pilots LIVE in Manila concert!

The TWEET concert coverage was brought to you by Manila Concerts on Twitter! @manilaconcerts

  • Hey guys! We’re having a live tweet from Stone Temple Pilot’s concert. :) (7:30pm)
  • Flag ceremony on going. The concert’s about to start! Get ready, Manila!
  • SinoSikat? band is now playing their first song for Stone Temple Pilot’s front act. :) @sinosikatband
  • SinoSikat? on their 2nd song already.
  • SinoSikat? on their 3rd song.
  • SinoSikat? on their 4th song.
  • SinoSikat? on their last song. Kat’s introducing her bandmates. Are you ready for Stone Temple Pilot, Manila?
  • SinoSikat?’s performance is done, break time! Guess how many people are here at the Big Dome? Around 6 to 7 thousand people!
  • 15-minute break then hello, Stone Temple Pilots!
  • Lights out! Stone Temple Pilots on stage. Here we go, Manila! (9:30pm)
  • Stone Temple Pilots first song! Crackerman!
  • STP on their 2nd song, Wicked Garden! It’s like a moshpit here at the front row!
  • Can you see what I want? I wanna run through your wicked garden!
  • STP on their 3rd song already.. Vasoline! @STPBand
  • STP’s 4th song: Heaven and Hotrods. 5th song already… Between the Lines. Estimated people: 7500 to 8000! Whoa.
  • Next song: Between the Lines
  • Next song… Hickory Dichotomy! Jumping and head banging all around the venue - this is truly an awesome rock concert! \m/
  • Scott Weiland’s outfit? Dark blue and white stripes plus a scarf. ;)
  • Next song… Still Remains.
  • SPOTTED! Raimund Marasigan of @subsandwich here at STP concert behind us!
  • Next song… Big Empty.
  • Guess what STP’s playing now? Dancing Days - Led Zeppelin cover. Awesome!
  • 10th song… Silvergun Superman.
  • You guys were waiting for what song? 11th song… PLUSH. :)
  • Awesome crowd. Everybody’s singing every word of Plush back to Stone Temple Pilots. :)
  • Oh.. Looks like there’s more! 11th song… Interstate Love Song.
  • Next song… Huckleberry Crumble.
  • Down for STP’s 14th song :)
  • Next song… Sex Type Thing. Are you enjoying the concert as much as we are
  • MORE! Join us, let’s all chant Stone Temple Pilots! ENCORE! @STPBand
  • Oh yeah! There’s more! Dead and Bloated for their 16th song! Keep rockin’ Manila!
  • 17th song… Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart.
  • That’s it! Around 8,000 people we’re present at the Big Dome. Awesome night! (11:10pm)

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