Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Charlotte in Manila 2011

“COMING FROM THE HEART” is how pop-punk band Good Charlotte describes their 5th studio album entitled “Cardiology”. Tired of dance music prevailing on the radio, Joel Madden, Benjie Madden, Dean Butterworth and Billy Martin decided to make a record that harkens back to their roots, inspired from their hearts and different from their previous albums. All this and more was discussed at the Hard Rock CafĂ© last April 5, 2011 where the chart-topping band met the press just in time for their much-awaited performance at 6:30pm at the Glorietta Center in Ayala.

The band explained the decision to shift their sound in more detail, “We’ve discovered over the years it’s best to play to our strengths” shared Benjie Madden who, along with his twin brother Joel Madden, first assembled the band in 1996. Good Charlotte grew in popularity with their second studio album “The Young And The Restless” which sold over 4.9 million copies and garnered triple platinum sales. The band also received recognition from several award-giving bodies such as the MTV Video Music Awards reaffirming their status as one of the best rock and roll groups in history.

In keeping with the vibe of their latest album, the band reminisced about the times when they were first starting out. “We are and still are inspired by the bands Weezer, Beastie Boys, bands that aren’t contained in one genre,” explained Joel Madden who added that like the bands they idolize, don’t want to be boxed into one genre. Dean Butterworth shared some bits of advice on aspiring musicians, “ Never quit, our goal was to be the best band in the world, we are just as hungry as when we started in highschool” he enthused.

The band also dabbled into various details about their personal life. Their 15th year anniversary is on April 1st, Joel Madden, who recently tied the knot with TV personality Nicole Richie, revealed that he would support his kids if they ever showed an inclination towards music. “Whatever my kids’ dreams are, I will support them”. Guitarist Billy Martin revealed that he is a comic book artist and that when they aren’t busy all members of Good Charlotte dabble in music recording on the side. Though at the moment all the boys are busy doing what they do best, rock their fans’ hearts out with good old fashioned rock and roll. For that our hearts are immensely grateful.

Wrote by: Jamie Ortega
Photos taken by: Cher Castro and Jocel Marie Haresco

Catch Good Charlotte LIVE in Manila on this following time and venues today:

06:30pm - Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City (Good Charlotte LIVE)
09:00pm - LAX Nightclub Manila, Pasay City (Joel and Benji Madden: LIVE DJ Set)

See you all there!

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