Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MCS Concert Review: Bieber Fever hits Manila!

Pinoy Pride was in the air on May 10 2011 at the Justin Bieber My World Tour With Special Guest Poreotics held at SM Mall Of Asia Open grounds. Aside from Americas Best Dance Crew Champions, the Poreotics, who were the night’s front act, Legaci, Justin’s back-up singers, was composed entirely of Filipinos! The concert was indeed for the books as hours before the main event kids and teens wearing purple (Bieber’s favorite color) and Justin Bieber t-shirts were lining up at the concert grounds as early as 2pm screaming every so often, eager to see the teen superstar perform.
The main event started at 8pm with a Poreotics’ video of the America’s Best Dance Crew’s trip to Boracay. After that, the group composed of Matt (Dumbo) Nguyen, Charles Nguyen, Can Nguyen, Lawrence (Law) Devera, Justin (Jet Li Valles) and Chad Mayate -three Filipinos and three Vietnamese boys- donning their trademark shades, launched into a heart-thumping performance that bagged then the top spot at Americas Best Dance Crew. Turning into a tradition for the crew is the Poreotics dance tutorial (they did the same thing at their mall show) the boys taught the audience how to do the popular Cat Daddy dance. The Poreotics’ last number was a mash-up of dance hits that included a grooving rendition of the Katy Perry hit “Firework”.
After the front act the audience started chanting “Bieber, Bieber!” Justin Bieber’s DJ Tay James initiated the countdown to Bieber, hyping up the crowd by playing hits like Far East Movement’s Like A G6 and “I’ve Got A Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Finally, Justin Bieber appeared at 8:40 pm wearing his trademark white purple and silver outfit with purple shades singing “Love Me” followed by “Bigger”
“What’s up Philippines I have the best fans in the world, when you smile, I smile” were the first words he uttered to the audience. When “You Smile” was over Bieber took the intensity up a notch with “Runaway Love” taking off his jacket and dancing with his back-up dancers and chairs (one of his dancers, Marvin, is also a Filipino!). “I want to do something special for you guys tonight and bring out my guitar,” declared the teen idol before earnestly singing “Runaway Love” and “I’ll be” by Edwin Mccain (which delighted a lot of older Beliebers in the audience).

The highlight of the night and a tradition in Bieber’s concerts was his calling a girl on stage while the heartthrob sings “One Less Lonely Girl” to her. A pretty girl reportedly by the name of Kathleen Kaye Pesante was chosen to be sung to. Bieber also gave some flowers to the girl, to the crowds cheering delight. It was then time for a costume change. Clad in a black leather jacket and jeans Justin sang “Somebody To Love”. Injecting positivity into his performance (something Bieber is known for) the teen idol shared, “Who has dreams here? IF you have a dream and you want to live your dream, my slogan is “Never Say Never” shared the teen idol before launching into, what else? “Never Say Never”. Breathing some acapella freshness into the concert was the acoustic group Legaci who sang next, performing acoustic mash-ups of Taio Cruz’s Galileo Katy Perry’s “Firework” Train’s Hey Soul Sister, and Usher’s DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love”

There have been many comparisons between the late Michael Jackson and Biber who were both young superstars, and the teen sensation paid tribute to this by performing “ Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” which was mashed with “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith. Bieber then launched “Eeenie Meenie Moe” and also introduced his back-up dancers bringing out the Poreotics who engaged him in a lively exhibition which amplified the crowd’s energy.

However, in between songs Bieber commented on how quiet and lame the crowd was, urging them to jump. A video of Bieber as a baby was also played during the concert chronicling his rise to superstardom. The last two songs of the night were “Pray” and “Baby”. Before “Pray” Justin urged everyone to close his eyes- several people in the audience were moved to tears by the singer’s rendition. Justin was ushered backstage before “Baby”. He made quick jokes and banter with the audience before his encore, asking them what they wanted to hear, singing portions of Usher’s There Goes My Baby “Rock A Bye Baby” and “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. After the concert scores of fans littered the streets waiting to catch a glimpse of the teen idol. Justin Bieber is proof that when it comes to talent, age doesn’t matter. Love him or hate him, the heartthrob is truly, one of the hottest acts out there. And Manila cant wait till you come back!

Concert tidbits:
Justin Bieber abides by his slogan “Never Say Never”, according to reports on TMZ Bieber was throwing up in between sets but didn’t show a single bit of his sickness on stage.

After the concert one less lonely girl and the name Kathleen Kaye Pesante were trending topics on the social networking site Twitter. A day before the concert Edsa Shang the hotel were Bieber reportedly stayed in, was also a trending topic.

Written by Jamie Ortega
Photos by Jasper Lucena

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