Thursday, June 30, 2011

MCS Exclusive: Take A Trip To Mars

30 Seconds To Mars Live In Manila On July 29, 2011.
Before you rock out to their tunes, here’s a quick backgrounder
On the boys who are so awesome, they bring us “Closer To The Edge”

Since God knows when, people have been obsessed with flying into space. There’s something about seeing the expanse beyond our world that has always enticed mankind. A band from Los Angeles took it one step further and named their group after the fourth planet of the sun. Yup, we’re talking about 30 Seconds To Mars. Fronted by lead vocalist Jared Leto, his brother
Shannon who is the drummer, and lead guitarist Tomo Milicevic, 30 Seconds To Mars was formed in 1998. According to drummer Shannon Leto on 30 Seconds To Mars' Wikipedia page, the name of the band signified the vibe of the music they wanted to make, ""It represents a lot of things. This professor had a thesis. It was talking about where technology was going; the evolution of man and how that plays a role. A sub-category was 30 Seconds To Mars. It was like the exponential growth of humans. We are literally 30 seconds away from Mars. Everything is right here and right now; everything is just so crazy and fast”.
Just like their name the band’s career grew exponentially. Their self-titled debut album came out in 2002 to good reviews, “30 Seconds To Mars” churned out two singles “Capricorn (A Brand New Name)” and “Edge Of Earth” which peaked at 31 on the US Mainstream rock chart.
Their second album, “A Beautiful Lie” was released three years after. Since the album leaked 5 months before its’ release, the band decided to add two hidden tracks to “A Beautiful Life” to create
more buzz for their second offering, these are “Battle Of One” and a cover of the Bjork song “Hunter”. “A Beautiful Lie” turned out to be a lucky album for the trio as it drew attention and accolades from media organizations like MTV and the rock magazine Kerrang. They won Kerrang’s 2007 Best International Newcomer Award, and 2007 Best Single for The Kill. They also bagged the 2007 MTV Video Music Award For Best Rock Video and 2007 MTV Video Music award for Video Of The Year. Most recently the guys bagged the2010 Kerrang Award for Best International Band, 2010 MTV Europe Music Award for Best Rock Band and 2010 MTV Video Music Award’s Best Rock Video for the single “Kings And Queens” from their third album “This Is War”.

“This Is War” was released in December 2009, selling 67,000 units in the first week of it’s release and peaking at number 18 on the Billboard 200. According to a link in Wikipedia, front man Jared Leto shared that the sound of this album leaned towards their debut album more than “A Beautiful Lie. “"The longest song on there is, like, eight minutes. The shortest, probably five. I don't think we have one under five. I think we do a really good job at just chasing the
feeling, the core of the song, and allowing the song the ability or right to go where it leads us, where it wants to go. The song dictates that, and we've been working on this collection of songs for 12 months, so we know them pretty well” He also describes the style of this album as “much more electronic, experimental, with a lot of vintage synths”. Content-wise, “This Is War” talked about themes not present in the last two albums like optimism and sexuality. He revealed that the band wrote the album “in an intense two-year period where it felt like the whole world was falling apart and massive changes were going on. I think you can hear that in the sound of this album. As of May 2011 “This Is War” has sold more than 1 million album and 1 million singles.
At present 30 Seconds To Mars is touring the globe, sharing their digital extravaganza of vintage synthesizers, mesmerizing vocals, and intricate, poetic lyrics to people of all races and ages. The Into The Wild tour kicked off in England on February 19,2010 and will end in September 3, 2011.
Catch Jared, Shannon and Tomo live in action as they rock Manila out of their wits on July 29, 2011 at Trinoma Open Park! Grab your tickets at Ticketworld at 891-999 or SM Tickets at 470-2222. This event is brought to us by Futuretainment Inc and Music Management International.
Written by Jamie Ortega

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