Sunday, July 31, 2011



Written by Jamie Ortega

Photos by Azrael Coladilla

When you’re singing “Hurricane” in the middle of the rain you know you’re in for a stupendous time. Barring the torrential drops falling from the sky, Manila concert-goers were treated to a spellbinding performance from the insanely talented rock band 30 Seconds To Mars. Foregoing umbrellas, throngs of fans put on raincoats or simply braved the weather just to see Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milcevic rock us out of our wits. And rock they did, and amaze us and mesmerize us for the 14 songs they sang. Donning a black poncho and stylish black sunglasses looking like a rock god from an alternate universe frontman Jared Leto appeared singing “Escape” encouraging everyone to “jump, jump, jump! “ This was followed by a riveting drum intro by Shannon Leto before launching into a “Beautiful Lie". By this time everyone was in a more energetic mood cheering and waving their hands to the tune. “Put your hands in the air and scream, does anyone wanna be crazy tonight! “shouted Jared while making an encircling motion with his hands, enjoining the audience in the rock extravaganza.

There is really no denying how much 30 Seconds To Mars loves their fans (who are called THE ECHELONS) and several instances during the concert have proven that. While playing the guitar Leto asked the audience to “Come a little closer, come here, come here everybody,” braving the rain and dashing around the catwalk while singing “Attack” not minding his soaked rock garb. When “This Is War” came on a sleeveless Jared took off his poncho and bared his vocals out while pointing to the crowd, holding his hands up to the heavens mimicking an orchestra conductor while challenging the audience to “come lets get crazy show me what you’ve got” as huge red balls bounced around the concert area.

How many bands call up throngs of their fans onstage while singing their momentous hits? Not a lot. And it was what made this night even more special for everyone present. Before performing “The Kill” Leto brought up several concertgoers onstage. When the fans requested for guitar picks the vocalist gladly obliged and asked them what they wanted to hear. He also uttered the words “mahal” which drove the crowd wild. “I want you to sing it so loud that everyone in the world wishes they were right here,” encouraged Leto before performing a dramatic rendition of “The Kill”. In between verses Leto let the crowd sing the song as the number was capped off by a heart-thumping wail.

Providing laid-back but equally entertaining moments in the show were an acoustic version of “Hurricane” and the gut-wrenching, quietly melodic “Alibi.” And then there was the moment that spread online like fire when Jared uttered the words IKAW NA which drew cheers and smiles from the audience. It added a sincere yet slightly comedic touch to a night that was anything but ordinary. As expected the band also performed their single the temptingly dark “Night Of The Hunter” which has been receiving consistent airplay from radio stations in the past few weeks.

In true 30STM fashion the night was capped by a multitude of fans joining the bands onstage as the entire arena sang one of 30 Seconds To Mars biggest hits “Kings And Queens”. As any proud echelon would know this band, great as they are in creating music, also seeks to deliver a message and that was exactly what they did when Jared, Shannon and Tomo rained confetti of written messages with mysterious words including the band’s motto “Provehito in altum”(Launch Forth Into The Deep). May their message ring forever in our hearts as we wait for their comeback (hopefully!)


- 30 Seconds To Mars is one of the nicest bands around. Shanon and Tomo gladly posed for pictures and did fist pumps with the fans at the hotel. When Shannon saw one fan with a cd he approached the fan and signed it.

- Spotted at the concert Kean Cipriano, Jasmine Curtis, Vice-Ganda, Piyero Vergara, etc,

Thanks to Sir Marvin Agustin, Nixon Sy, Kat Quijano and Grace Rufino of Futuretainment. Also, Ms. Ethel Cachapero of Polyeast Records

See you again next time for another coolest and hottest concert. Stay tune here at Manila Concert Scene for more up-to-date concert news and event updates here in town.

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SETLIST for 30 Seconds to Mars Live in Manila concert:

  • Escape
  • A Beautiful Lie
  • Attack
  • Search and Destroy
  • This Is War
  • 100 Suns
  • Vox Populi
  • L490(Shannon Leto on acoustic guitar, Tomo Miličević on electric guitar)
  • Hurricane(Acoustic)
  • Alibi(Acoustic)
  • The Kill(Bury Me) (Acoustic)
  • Night of the Hunter
  • Closer To The Edge


  • Kings and Queens

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