Sunday, January 15, 2012

MCS Article: Get Avril's style!

Title: Get Avril's Style
Written by Jamie Ortega

Excited to see Avril Lavigne on February 16 at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum?
Why dont you come to the concert dressed like the punk princess? Follow these stylish but simple steps to imbibe her unique and spunky look! Dont forget to inject a little bit of yourself to your ensemble as well for some personal flavor. Enjoy!

Punk look:

a) Wear your hair down with  long sidebangs. Get subtle  layers at the bottom of your hair. If you can dye your hair blond, do it! Make sure one strand is colored pink.
b) Buy clothes made out of denim and wear loads of black, white, and pink colored outfits. Avril is  also fond of  skulls, you can stitch the design onto your clothes if you cant find a ton of skull-ish outfits at the mall
c) What would an Avril outfit be like without a dark tie? Pair them with t-shirts and mini-skirts.
d) For footwear Converse shoes or high tops are the way to go. They arent hard to find and you can pair with them with other outfits. Talk about value for your money!
e) Shine with silver. Accesorize your outfits with chunky silver, pink, or black bracelets to get that Avril pizazz.

Skater look:

1) Buy two tank tops and wear them on top of the other. You can also place pins with funky designs on your shirt and pants. Make sure you are wearing boy shirts, cargo pants, baggy jeans and shirts with hoodies. Before leaving the house put that hoodie up!
2) Sock it to them! Put on striped socks that reach the mid-length of your calves
3) Fasten studded belts with huge buckles on your waist
4) Wear red and black bracelets, sweatbands and spike bracelets will also do. Avril puts on a lot of accessories so dont be afraid to go overboards! String chains and wear rings on your thumb.
Make-up for both styles:
a) Apply foundation
b) Wear extremely light blush and nude lipstick
c) Go crazy on the eyes! Create a smokey eye. Draw a thick line along your upper and lower lashes with black eyeliner. Finish if off with a little wing or cat tail at the edges of your eye
d) Apply grey on your eyelids, top if off with black eyeshadow along your outer eyelid
e) Pile on the mascara! Use volumizing mascara for a more striking finish. Apply to both upper and lower lashes

Now that you look like Avril grab your tickets for the most punk-ified concert of the year!
Wilbros Live and Midas Promotions proudly presents.. The Black Star Tour: Avril Lavigne LIVE in Manila on February 16, 2012 at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum. Call TicketNet at 911-5555 for ticket inquiries and reservations. See you all there!

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