Monday, January 2, 2012

MCS Exclusive: Fun Facts about the boy-band, A1

Title: Fun Facts about the boy-band, A1
Written by Jamie Ortega

Before The Greatest Hits Tour: A1, Jeff Timmons And Blue comes to town on February 25, 2011 to perform at the Smart- Araneta Coliseum get your feet wet with some nice tidbits about the bands. We've also included a quick catch-up session about these three iconic performers who've definitely made the '90s memorable for all us. To make it even more fun we'll space our stories per day. For tonight we have the British-Norweigan band A1 who've "taken" our hearts "like a rose."  Dont have your tickets yet? Call Ticketnet at  911-5555 ASAP! The concert is brought to us by Wilbros Live.

1) They are a  British-Norweigan boyband currently made up of Mark Read, Ben Adams and Christian Ingebrigstein. Their claim to fame?  Eight top 10 singles including Take On Me and Same Old Brand New You as well as three Top 20 albums  between the years of 1999 and 2002. Within six months after their debut, they shot up to number six in the UK charts with the single  Be The First To Believe. After just a few months, they climbed a notch higher with another single  Summertime Of Our Lives which was followed by more hit singles  Everytime/Ready Or Not, Like A Rose, and a remake of the '80s  classic, Take On Me.

2) What they think sets them apart from other boybands? Christian has said in previous interviews it was their rigid musical training and their impressive songwriting skills. Mark plays the piano whole Ben plays the piano violin and oboe while Christian plays the piano, guitar, some flute and violin

3) Where did their name come from? According to the lads it was their manager who came in one day and threw the name to them which they liked immediately.

4) Last November 18, 2011 they released another single a Christmas/New Year song called "Another Year Gone" firing up rumors of a comeback.

5) The boys talk about unusual gifts from fans: according to Mark when they visited Japan they were given gifts like massage kits and accupunture needles. Ben talks about the time when fans would sneak into their hotel rooms and even rip out their hair! (ouch) So far they havent received any weird stuff from the Filipinos just a whole lotta love!

Calling all Pinoy A1 fans lets give them the greatest gift ever, a huge crowd at their concert in February!
Stay tuned for part 2 and three of our three-part saga on '90s boybands.
Have a happy 2012 from all of us at MCS!

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