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Simple Plan: Get Your Heart On! Tour 2012 Concert Review

Title: Simple Plan: Get Your Heart On! Tour 2012
Written by Jhoanne Mariano
Edited by Jamie Ortega 
Photos by Ed Clinton Go for Manila Concert Scene
Videos by Kevin Pableo for Manila Concert Scene

Thousands of fans got their hearts on last January 12, 2012 as popular rock group Simple Plan  brought their Get Your Heart On Tour  to the Smart Araneta Coliseum. It’s been years since the popular punk rock band’s had a hit single, and judging by the popularity of Jet Lag. It’s as if they’ve risen from the dead with bigger and better songs for their fans. As the saying goes third time is the charm and it was the bands third time to perform in Manila. Even if they’ve been here before, Manila’s still got lots of love for the group as proven by the number of fans screaming at the concert.   

Last January 12, Manila experienced a concert like no other. Simple Plan performed live at in the Smart Araneta Coliseum with guest performer.

Local band, Kamikazee who was the night’s as their opening act. Since they’re pretty much under the same genre as Simple Plan, the crowd eagerly bopped their heads and clapped their hands to Kamikazee’s music as the band, in turn, enjoyed the energy of the crowd. Kamikazee performed hit singles Narda, and Martyr Nyebra along with other original tunes while giving away a few copies of their albums. Frontman and vocalist Jay, obviously impressed by the crowd’s reaction even tore off his shirt at one point! The audience’s reaction was more than enough proof that OPM is alive and kicking, and that Pinoys still  support local bands. 

The bouncers standing at the VIP area even got pushed up to the barricades near the stage. The VIP and the Patron Area looked like it were being pulled by the stage. The  fans were everywhere – the seats on the VIP area were  was being used as a pedestal, the seats at the back were all empty, the other areas were quite full, lights were flashing all throughout the concert, glow sticks and posters were all over the place; it was indeed a wonderful looking and energetic crowd.

The band kicked off the show with their old hit song Shut Up followed by Can’t Keep My Hands Off You and Jump. They even sang several lines from songs of other artists like Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling, Cee-Lo Green’s Fuck You, Taio Cruz’s Dynamite and Pink’s Raise Your Glass. The best thing about this concert was that they did not just sing their latest songs but they also mixed in their old hits – it was like travelling the band’s path to stardom in a random order. They sang When I’m Gone, Addicted, My Alien, You Suck at Love, Thank You, You Love is a Lie, Astronaut, Summer Paradise, Jet Lag, This Song Saved my Life and even Welcome to my Life and I’d Do Anything.

The band also showed off  several Filipino phrases they learned like Salamat and Magandang Babae. After almost every song they sang, their lead vocalist Pierre would say “Salamat” which is thank you in Tagalog They even used Salamat in exchange of the Thank You part in their song entitled Thank You, a funny, cool and clever gimmick indeed!

At one point during the concert after seeing all the glow sticks being held by the crowd the band requested the audience to raise all their glow sticks or  – mobile phones for those who didn’t have glow sticks , and sway them in harmony to the beat of their song Astronaut. It looked like part of the night sky was trapped inside the Coliseum – a sea of stars dancing along to the tune Truly a sight to see!

The band really looked like they had a blast during the concert; they even performed 3 more songs for their encore list – Loser of the Year, I’m Just a Kid and Perfect. Their second to the last song was like a time capsule, bringing back memories of the past when that song was #1 on the hit charts. Another memorable part of the show was when Pierre performed an acoustic version of Perfect before the band caught with him as they sang the entire song in a regular melody. 

After the concert, one can still hear fans still screaming and fussing about what just happened using their hoarse voices and last surges of adrenaline, not thinking about the next day even if it was either a school day or work day for them. It was truly an incredible night, a concert that was worth every cent, a night worth waiting for – thanks to Dayly Entertainment and Midas Promotions for making this successful event happen. Special concert coverage by Manila Concert Scene.

-Shut Up by Simple Plan(LIVE in Manila 2012)

-Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan(LIVE in Manila 2012)

-Perfect by Simple Plan(LIVE in Manila 2012)

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