Monday, April 2, 2012

Concert-Goer of the Month(April 2012): LIV5:2/16/12

Title: LIV5:2/16/12
Written and Photos by: Stephany Bracewell

I literally screamed when I found out about LIV5! The thought of possibly seeing my favorite bands live was something that was on my mind constantly. I just couldn't wait! I even entered MMI contests for meet and greets! I was so glad when I found out that I won. I found out that I was going to meet Forever The Sickest Kids and I just couldn't stop shaking!

During the Concert:
I arrived earlier and I saw the line, so many people were already there! Some even came at like 9AM! Now that's dedication. I got my meet and greets from MMI and I just couldn't stop shaking at the thought of finally meeting FTSK. I was alone at the venue but then I saw some of my friends who I had because of bands. I finally went inside the venue and so many people were there, already screaming even before the bands came. The Philippine crowd is probably the best, that's one thing about the Philippines that I really love and I am so proud to have been part of the crowd. A+ dropouts started playing and they were impressive! They sounded really good! Then they started to introduce the summer set and I just couldn't stop screaming, it felt so good to finally hear them live! I have been waiting to hear them for quite a while.
I made a sign that said "Say hi to Steph" and John Gomez actually did say hi to me, it was unbelievable! Brian Dales even said "Mahal kita!" to the crowd and it was just so amazing and finally seeing Jess Bowen (the drummer) was just so surreal. I look up to The Summer Set a lot! The Ready Set started playing and I was so shocked when I heard them, they sounded so good live! My signs worked again because Jordan said hi to me three times! That recognition you get from the band members is the best feeling you'd ever get. We were called for the meet and greets, I had to admit that I was nervous but Forever The Sickest Kids were people who were just so genuine that you don't have have to be nervous! I hugged all of them, I even proposed to Caleb Turman and Kyle Burns and they both agreed to marrying me, we were all joking of course! They were such amazing people that I will never forgot how I met them!

Meeting FTSK was beyond my wildest  dreams, never thought that it would actually happen but it did! After the meet and greet, it was already A Rocket To The Moon's set, I have been waiting for them too! They were really amazing and they sang almost all of my favorite songs! Justin Richards was even aiming at me when he threw his pick! Nick Santino and Justin Richards even said hi to me twice! My signs worked!! It was time for FTSK, the moment I've been waiting for! They play their first song and I knew that their set was going to be amazing! They were all great performers! Caleb and Austin remembered me from the meet and greet and Jonathan even said hi to my friends and I during the show! That kind of connection with the bands felt great!
In all honesty, concerts are really important to me, bands/artists bring people together, they give you the night of your lives. I met a couple of people that I would never forget, concerts make you feel infinite.

The best part of LIV5 was never even thinking that you'd be in that venue with the bands of your dreams, singing along to your favorite songs, it was just so surreal and I would do anything just to go back! I never even knew that these bands know about the Philippines but now, I'm pretty sure they'd never forget about it! The experience was just so amazing, it was a chance of a lifetime! Literally had the best night of my life! The thrill of going to concerts will never get old, the feeling is just so priceless! I am so thankful to have been part of LIV5!

After the concert, FTSK even tweeted our meet and greet photo, it was insane! They even wrote "MANILA UNDERDOGS!" and it was just something that I am really proud of!

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