Friday, April 27, 2012

Concert Review: Greyson Chance Gives Pinoys A Great Show

Title: Greyson Chance Gives Pinoys A Great Show 
Written by Jamie Ortega
Photos by Chris Lucas

Do you have a Twitter account? Then you definitely know who Greyson Chance is.  The teen pop sensation is a trending topic on the highly-popular social networking site nearly every day. By the way, they arent the usual trending topics any regular twitter user will come across, some of the Greyson-Chance related topics I’ve seen are: Greyson Is Our Inspiration, Greyson Is Our Chance, Greyson Is Our Inspiration, etc.

It’s pretty easy to understand the pandemonium surrounding Greyson- the teen pop singer is the first artist signed to Ellen De Generes’ music label eleveneleven. The said label also produced his first album entitled Hold On Till The Night. To add to that, the American singer’s April 2010 performance of Lady Gaga’s Paprazzi earned him 45 million viewers on his Youtube account.  He’s being touted to be the next Justin Bieber (although this writer thinks they are both talented in very different ways).

Plus, there’s the way he looks.  Blue eyes, an effervescent smile and a genuinely nice personality all make him undoubtedly this generation’s newest teen idol. When this writer met Greyson last November when he visited the country for a promo tour she was surprised to discover how nice he was. He offered to get another writer a seat, remembered everyone’s names, and gave very intelligent answers.  When the teen sensation visited the country again for a concert held at the Arenta Coliseum last April 22, 2012, this writer is happy to say things havent changed.

Greyson was his usual bubbly, happy self as he kicked off his show by turning around and showing off his jacket with the Philippine flag emblazoned on the back, an action which made audience, composed mostly of teenage girls holding different colored glowsticks and placards scream with delight. One adorable girl in glasses turned to this writer and sheepishly said, “I’m sorry.” “It’s okay, enjoy, “was  my quick reply.

And enjoy the girls did as the screaming went on all  through the night. “This is the last show of my Asian tour tonight... I really can't tell you enough how glad I am that this tour ended in Manila," proclaimed Greyson before he performed 16 songs, making the show last for more than an hour. One of the most applauded numbers that night was , of course, his claim to fame, the singer’s own version of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi.

Another number the crowd definitely enjoyed was Home Is In Your Eyes. Right before performing the song, Greyson told the audience the story behind the tune, sharing that he wrote it for a special girl. “This song always makes me feel so lonely,” Chance told the audience, a statement which made the girls cluck sympathetically (and I bet mentally wish they could be that girl.)

As the concert progressed, this writer finally understood what makes Greyson Chance rise and stand out among a sea of pop singers so prevalent in today’s music scene. It’s his charm and vocal maturity. A maturity Greyson displayed as he performed the downcast ballad Cheyenne and the sweet and soulful-sounding tune Unfriend You. Oh, and before we forget, Greyson’s way with girls, too, as before his final number, he borrowed his drummer’s stick and played the cymbals for a bit before standing with his arms outstretched on top of the drum, an action which made adorable girl number 2 beside me say, “Ang hirap nun, ang galing nya. “

Ah, to be young and in love all over again. Thanks Greyson for reminding us of how that felt with your cool vocals and sweet demeanor. We cant wait to see you visit and charm Manila all over again We will definitely be waiting!


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