Monday, April 16, 2012

Concert Review: Manila gets Party Rocked LMFAO-style

Title: Manila gets Party Rocked LMFAO-style 
Written By Jhoanne Mariano
Edited by Jamie Ortega
Photos by Kris Rocha(Dayly Entertainment)

Ever wondered what the line Sorry For Party Rocking” really means? Redfoo, ½ of the  ultimate party duo LMFAO explains. “Sorry for party rocking is a person’s excuse for having fun. “It’s the excuse you give when someone complains,” he continues. “Let’s say your parents say ‘stop shuffling upstairs you’re waking me up!’ You can now just say ‘Sorry for party rocking, Mom…sorry for having fun.’”As if the duo responsible for the insanely infectious dance tunes,  Party Rock Anthem and Sexy And I Know It (just to name a few)  would ever need to apologize for forging a new generation of global party people with their brilliant music. You’ve got to admit, LMFAO has taken over not just the party scene but the whole music industry as well. Anyone with a pair of eyes can hear the Party Rock Anthem playing in dance clubs, on TV variety shows and even on cellphones.

Last Aprl 11, 2012 Redfoo (minus partner and nephew SkyBlu) brought their music and insane party antics to the Smart Araneta Coliseum for a concert dubbed LMFAO Live In Manila and the Party Rock crew  It’s fun when artists inspire their fans to look like them ( memories of fedoras and shades during the Bruno Mars concert come to mind ), and that was exactly what happened at the LMFAO show. The venue  was filled with party people of different races wearing and obviously  copying Redfoo’s tights, spandex and afro-wig wearing unique trademark ensemble. It was a party all right, as glow sticks were given away, cocktail drinks were being sold, with people in the audience screaming in anticipation, waiting impatiently for LMFAO to hit the stage.  

As the Big Dome shined brightly with strobe lights from the stage and glow sticks from the crowd, a bevy of dancers  hit the spotlight, performing stunts while waiting for LMFAO.  Finally, after Redfoo appeared, he quickly apologized for his partner SkyBlu’s disappearance. The DJ-dancer said, with Shufflebot beside his side, that partner SkyBlu was missing because he was wasn’t feeling well. He  made a green joke to keep light of what happened which made everyone in the audience wish him well. Then the REAL party started!

Everybody was definitely in  as party mood as the crowd started jumping and dancing to the tune of LMFAO songs. Redfoo kicked off the concert by performing the tunes Rock To The Beat 2 followed by Party Rocking and Get Crazy. In the midst of the two songs the electro-pop performer threw two huge inflatable zebras and several beach balls into the crowd which surfed right throughout the hyped-up audience.

The next few songs were Hipster Girl, Take It To The Hole, Put that Ass to Work, Miami and the  Miami Bitch remix. During one of these songs, one of their dancers, a girl clothed in spandex, stole the show by gyrating and dancing all the over the stage which made the crowd grow wild.

Most everyone was surprised when Redfoo, after performing Getting Over You, and the Boom Boom Pow remix praised the Black Eyed Peas, particularly Pinoy Apl de AP,  who, he revealed, was a good friend of his. Redfoo also praised Apl’s billboard saying how it made him look “hot and shit,” which made the crowd break into laughter. Talk about a Pinoy pride moment right there!

It wouldn’t be an LMFAO concert without party antics and there were a lot that night, like Redfoo playing beer pong on stage brazenly holding a glass of alcohol in his hand, calling in one of their crew members named Mike who was given a birthday cake with breast-shaped icing, and singing happy birthday LMFAO style. In LMFAO world Happy Birthday meant another round of Shots-it was pretty redundant but nobody really cared at this point. They were in the wild world of LMFAO and having too much fun to care.

After a few minutes of total darkness, the stage lights went back on for the encore set. Redfoo and his crew went back on stage and started performing Party Rock Anthem, Champagne Showers and, Sexy and I Know it.  

Everyone was more than happy about getting wet in the sweltering summer heat as, during Champagne Showers, Redfoo brazenly opened several bottles of champagne which got , the crowd near the stage prettydrenched. An LMFAO concert wouldn’t be a concert without their famous wiggle, and as expected Redfoo and the rest of the dancers pulled off their pants and started wiggling to their heart’s content.

Another great aspect of the concert (aside from the fun party antics, crazy dancers and infectious beats was the fact that it didn’t end with the normal length of the songs, Redfoo started DJ-ing on his iPhone after the encore  which made the crowd go wilddancing along to the beat. The party ended at past 10 in the evening with the crowd exhilarated, rehuvenated, and LMFAO-fied to the hilt!

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