Thursday, April 19, 2012

Press Release: Secondhand Serenade Live in Manila on May 1, 2012


Dayly Entertainment brings you another moving event from the man who touched the hearts of million through his heart on sleeves musical approach.  Secondhand Serenade Live in Manila at SM Sky Dome.

John Vesely rose to fame with the release of the hit song “Fall For You” from the album “A Twist in My Story”. The single was certified platinum and has reached No. 21 at the Billboard Hot 100 in 2008.  The track came from his sophomore album “A Twist in My Story”, a documentation of his adventures in life, feelings of loss and love. It’s a compilation of his life story presented through well written and catchy songs. This type of songwriting enabled him to reach out to variety of audiences who can relate to what he has gone through. The pseudonym “Secondhand Serenade” was a reference to his songs becoming secondhand serenades for the listeners all over.

His first album Awake was an acoustic collection. He stated that while others experience fear performing on an acoustic setup, he embraces the rawness of it. It makes his songs more compelling and natural. His second album “A Twist in My Story” was produced with a full band.  Other songs in his repertoire include “Your Call”, “Like a Knife” and “Last Time”.  In 2010, he released a third album called “Hear Me Now” which features the single “Something More”. This album shows a closer to look to Vesely’s coming to terms with his past and other experiences. In a way, as with the man, the album matured and showed more depth in terms of music and songwriting.

“Something More” is a an example of a classic song from Secondhand Serenade that still showed the sensitive, heartfelt writing but introduced more play in terms of production. It features electronic pop complemented by Vesely signature rock touch and powerful vocals.

Catch Secondhand Serenade Live in Manila on May 1st at SM Sky Dome. For tickets, please call Ticketnet hotline at 911-5555 or visit their website Ticket prices: VIP Php 2,120, Gold Php1,060 and Silver Php 530.

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