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Concert-Goer of the Month(May 2012): "We Like to Party!"

Title: We Like to Party!
Concert: The Maine Live in Manila 2012
Written and Photos by  Marionne Sobremisana

"March 31 is a day that will definitely be remembered."

It has been a year since The Maine went to Manila for a tour. Due to our research, I was not able to go to their first show during LIV3. And when I found out that they are going to Manila for their first full-length tour, I immediately asked for permission, even going as far as crying and practically begging just to get my mom to say yes. (Because my dad was nice enough to permit me immediately) and she did, thankfully, but on the condition that this concert will be fully funded by me. And I said yes, because I’m not risking The Maine. But then, Platinum was already sold out a week after the announcement of the tour and my parents did not allow me to avail PULP Royalty even though we can afford it because they were also thinking of the people accompanying me. Nevertheless, I did not lose hope. So I sucked up my so-called “depression” and went for Gold instead.

On the day of the concert, I had to skip my college review classes just to be able to go to the venue early and secure a nice spot in the line. My best friend and sister were practically my concert buddies during (and most probably, all) the concerts that I’ve been too, thus, we agreed to wear our signature “concert look” and mine was the purple checkered polo. This time, my sister’s friend came and another bunch of my friends who are new to the concert scene went with us as well. We were a crazy bunch and people on the line will probably remember us as the “bunch of girls screaming a lot even though they’re still just in line.”

When we arrived, The Maine was doing their soundcheck and was playing ‘Everything I Ask For.’ We went in line and I practically stayed there the whole time while my buddies were all off to buy food or merch or going to the restroom. To be honest, three hours in line was not so bad. I’d say it’s incomparable to the 8 hours we lined up during LIV5. But I met a lot of nice people and it was a really cool experience. There was even a really pretty girl with pink hair standing next to us. Also, we took a picture with the bouncer. I found it to be a little too funny. Then, my friend, sister and I even went as far as high-fiving Garrett on The Maine’s billboard outside Skydome. People probably thought we were out of our minds, but I think they also found it funny like we did because some started doing the same. Kudos to them.

At 7pm, they started letting the Platinum ticket holders in. I was getting slightly impatient with the excitement and after half an hour, Gold ticket holders were being ushered in. While on the line, I saw Sir Vernon Go, the PULP Live World president. I called out to him and when I caught his attention, I said, “Thank you for bringing The Maine!” and in return, he gave me a big smile, saluted me then gave me a thumbs up. He made my night.

Inside the venue, my friends and I split up because some of them cannot see the stage. They ended up in the side while my two friends, my sister, my sister’s friend and I were in the middle, with a perfect view because we (or maybe just me) were one person away from the barrier. Even though the concert hasn’t started yet, people were already pushing each other and I found it hard to move because I am pretty small. Again, I just sucked it up and tried to smile at the person pushing me.

Itchyworms opened the night with a five-song set. Almost a month ago, their bassist talked to me after I tweeted something about the opening act. And they redeemed themselves because I enjoyed their set. I wasn’t singing along because I don’t know their songs, but the way they made the crowd interact with each other was pretty cool. I forgot to mention that Pat was watching their set and everyone, including me, was screaming because of him. After that, they had a short technical break. Larry was testing the microphone and if I’m not mistaken, it was Matt who was tuning the guitar. This time, the human giant standing next to me was practically pushing me and nearly crushing me. I tried to push him back, but my efforts against a really tall man were futile. In the end, I stepped back a little and thankfully, I was able to breathe again.

When The Maine promptly started their set at 9 with Identify, the crowd went berserk. The crowd itself was a moshpit, with people pushing each other just to get a good view. I was victimized yet again by the human giant, and people were practically stepping on my feet. I almost lost my charm bracelet in the venue and my phone fell apart after my breast pocket accidentally dropped it. Not to mention the fact that it was really humid with the packed crowd and I was really dehydrated. I did not faint, thank goodness, but I had to run out and buy water just to keep myself going. Nevertheless, my mutilated feet, aching back and dehydration probably had to be one of the best parts of the concert.
Now, off to the best parts of the night.

One is definitely The Maine. You’d probably say common sense because it’s their concert, but it’s more than that. I’m not going to start writing a lot of fluffy and sweet things, but to simply put it, The Maine means a lot to me. And to be able to see them live was overwhelming. Hearing all their songs being played live in a volume that is practically a thousand decibels louder than my headphones definitely made half of my life.

Every one of them was really admirable and compassionate. Every time John ends a song, he never forgets to say thank you. Kennedy is such a gentleman, especially when he handed out water and guitar picks to the fans. Yes. He didn’t throw the picks. He handed it to the fans one by one. I was envious, to be honest, but then again, seeing his smile and my fellow kababayan’s overjoyed faces are enough to make up to the fact that Kennedy is not within my reach. Then there’s Jared, who is probably one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen in my life. Garrett looked like a hobo and yes, I’m being mean, but after I saw him that night, I will definitely stop nagging him to shave. He moved around a lot, but he was the most fun. His voice was smooth when he talks and I love the fact that he doesn’t seem to care if he makes a fool out of himself by wearing the bra and bunny ears. I salute him even more. Let’s not forget the most adorable drummer ever, Pat. He didn’t talk much, but I swear that whenever he flips his hair while banging the drums, everything seems to go wilder. I might actually start playing the drums again after I dropped it because of this guy.

Moving on, because I don’t think I need to elaborate more on the bunny ears, bra and floating condom balloon.

I don’t think I will elaborate as well on their set, but all I can say is that “what you hear in the record is what you get live.” They’re really amazing. And when they played Into Your Arms, John kept saying “that’s beautiful.” The crowd was really awesome. I’ll just mention too that they played Ice Cave and I fell in love with it. I never expected that I’ll ever hear the song live and when they played it, it gave me good chills.

Fast forward.
The concert ended past 10:30pm. I’d say that the set was a little “bitin” for my liking, but it was amazing anyhow. I didn’t get a lot of decent pictures (thus, I borrowed one from my friend because she was further in the back, trying to take a shot of the whole stage) and most of our videos were shaky because we were jamming too much and when I walked out of the Skydome, the post-concert depression started sinking in. I will definitely miss the guys, especially because I wasn’t able to meet them. But that’s life, so I guess I’ll just have to go with it and maybe prepare better next time.

I know I say this a lot, but The Maine’s Pioneer tour is definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to in my 15 years of existence. I met a lot of great people, had an amazing night with my friends, bonded more with my sister and saw The Maine live. The experience is incomparable and I would do anything to go back to this amazing night. 

I’ll be ending this long concert rant/story. To anyone who is reading this: if you attended the concert, then thank you for being a part of one of the most amazing times of my life. If you didn’t, I’d still say thank you because of your constant support and love for The Maine and maybe we’ll see each other next time.

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