Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jay Park on New Breed, Manila, and the kind of girl he’d want to date

Title: Jay Park on New Breed, Manila, and the kind of girl he’d want to date
Written by Jamie Ortega
Photos by Kevin Pableo

Jay Park is back and ready to take on Manila! Pop superstar Jay Park will be in the Philippines from May 4 to May 6 to promote his newest full-length album NEW BREED under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines). New Breed showcases a new and completely transformed Jay Park with it’s 15 tracks made up of an enticing fusion of dance, electronic hip hop and Euro dance. Listen to the title track Know Your Name and you’ll definitely know what we we’re talking about, as the song effortlessly takes the listener on a hypnotic journey with it’s compelling lyrics and catchy chorus.

Be part of the Jay Park fever; catch him live at the following venues: May 4 (Friday), 7pm at Eastwood Mall Open Park; May 5 (Saturday), 7pm at Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill and May 6 (Sunday), 4pm at Lucky Chinatown Mall which are Metro Manila’s premier themed lifestyle centers, owned by Megaworld Corporation. 10 lucky Manila Concert Scene fans will get a chance to meet the idol turned musician for themselves, keep visiting our Twitter page and keep following our Facebook fan page for more details! MCS just watched the Eastwood show and believe us when we tell you guys you are in for a treat! He is an awesome dancer, he can beatbox like it’s nobody’s business, see it to believe it!

                Because we want to give our dear Manila Concert Scene fans only the best and the latest in the concert scene, here is our EXCLUSIVE interview with the handsome and friendly pop superstar:

Did you like any specific tracks in New Breed?
I liked all the tracks to be honest because I produced the album. They are all very dear to me like my children, maybe Know Your Name, I like I Got Your Back, Know Your Name, it’s the title track and I thought a lot of  people would like it. And I Got Your Back because it’s a powerful song with a positive message.

Pinoys seem to love you, what can you say about that?
Oh, yeah, yeah, it’s crazy that I don’t come to the Philippines that often but they treat me in a warm way and I really appreciate it.

Why did you name your New Breed?
The reason why I named it New Breed, there’s no other album like it, I am a New Breed of artist and it is kind of hard to find a musician who can give a variety of music hiphop, R and B,  there is a lot of versatility in the album.

What is it about the album that you think Filipinas would like or enjoy listening to?
I don’t know about a specific country that would like the album, but whoever likes hip hop and R and B will like the album.

What was your experience like producing the album?
Oh, definitely, I didn’t know I was producing the album, I was just talking to people, emailing people, putting the album together, I learned a lot from it. I got better at rapping, singing, recording, better at putting together an album.

Do you know of any Filipino singers or musicians?
Yeah definitely Charice I just know a lot of music guys like JR Aquino, I know a lot of Filipino choreographers. Ive got a couple of Filipino friends, yes.

Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?
Some of it is like imagination, I try to create stories, some of it is other people’s experiences.

What qualities are you looking for in a potential girlfriend?
I just like a cool, chill girl, sense of humor, natural, with a nice smile.

Catch Jay Park LIVE at the Venice Piazza in McKinley tonight and at Lucky Chinatown Mall on May 6, 2012. Special thanks to MCA Music and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls

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