Monday, May 14, 2012

MCS Exclusive: Ovation Productions - In A League Of Their Own

Title: Ovation Productions- In A League Of Their Own
Written by Jamie Ortega

All hail to the power and might of an industry trailblazer- someone who sees the potential in something and carves his own path, paying zero attention to the naysayers. 33 years ago, back in 1979, when concert production and promotion wasn’t really the “in thing,” Renen De Guia promoted his first concert. He was working as the Artists & Repertoire Manager for Polygram Records and met then teenage superstar Leif Garrett during the singer’s promo tour in the Philippines. Renen promoted the concert of Lief one year after.

You could definitely say everything just fell into place for Renen, as, together with his equally hardworking and brilliant wife business partner Celina Pe De Guia, subsequently produced and promoted some of the biggest names in live entertainment from every genre and era in existence-rock icons like Bon Jovi, Sting, and magician David Copperfield- just to name a few.

Seeing the potential in not just producing and promoting concerts, but also in delivering superb concert merchandise, the De Guia team began the highly popular TOP40 t-shirts business which has since expanded into a full-blown garmets manufacturing and retailing business. They’ve ventured into music retailing as well, with the establishment of Pop Station Records.

1995 to 2005 brought about a scarcity of concerts, particularly because it was a period wherein Ovation decided to lie low and mellow down. Why?  Like any other visionary, Renen decided to withdraw from his worldly routine, assess his life, and his business. He ultimately became a better person out of it as he became a Born-Again Christian. 

You simply cannot bring a superb company down, and Ovation Productions Incorporated regained a foothold, bouncing back into the concert industry in October 2005 by producing the Beach Boys’ Manila concert. Following their reemergence, Renen and Cel made several critical changes in their organization, closing down Pop Station Records, re-energizing Top 40 shirts, and establishing Fig Tree Christian-themed shirts.

Fast forward to the present as the entire Philippine music and concert industry bears witness to the success and trailblazing power of Ovation Productions. Even other producers admire Ovation for their longevity, power, and ability to forge professional, respectful, and loving partnerships with the media, their clients, and their loyal stable concert goers. Indeed, they are definitely in a league of their own.

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