Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CONCERT REVIEW: Rock bands There for Tomorrow, Every Avenue and William Beckett Live smash up Manila

Title: Rock bands There for Tomorrow, Every Avenue and William Beckett Live smash up Manila 
Written by Jhoanne Mariano
Edited by Jamie Ortega
Photos by Magic Liwanag Photography

It was a very exciting and a memorable independence day for many fangirls and fanboys last 12th of June. Three bands/artists performed at the SM North EDSA Skydome – There for Tomorrow, Every Avenue and William Beckett. You’d most probably be expecting somewhat of a short performance from these guys mainly because they’d be sharing the same stage but all three performers did a full set of songs for each fan inside the venue. It was indeed one hell of a night!

The night started with “The Verge” of There for Tomorrow which made everybody rock along  to their tunes. It was then followed by “Pages,” “The Joyride,” and “Deathbed.” Everybody was still alive and kicking when they performed their 5th song, “Nowhere Blvd.” shadowed by “Backbone,” “Remember When,” “Hunt hunthunt” and their last performance “A Little Faster.” Having to perform 9 songs with such energy and enthusiasm for Manila was indeed quite memorable. All being well, they enjoyed performing in Manila as much as their fans enjoyed their act. The fanbase that they have here at present will surely grow bigger in the years to come.

A few minutes after the first band’s performance, Every Avenue played their first song, “Whatever Happened” followed by “Woodward,” “Story,” and “Where Were You.” The band’s been wanting to in Manila fo quite some time now and finally, that day hascome. Their 5th song was “No One but You,” then “Picture Perfect,” “Tie me Down,” and “Chasing the Night.” The fans were up front rocking along with their tunes, jumping up and down, enjoying every moment they had with the band. “There Tonight,” “Fall Apart,” and “Tell Me in a Wreck” were Every Avenue’s last three songs for the night. It seemed like the fans gave the band quite a warm welcome in Manila and showed appreciation for the band’s music with their loud howls and screams for Every Avenue.

The last act for that night was William Beckett, the former lead singer of The Academy Is, who seemed to be quite the highlight of the night. By the time that he showed up on stage, everyone was screaming his name and commenting on how hot he was. I personally think that he even made several new fansat that moment! He kicked off his performance with “Elephant (Damien Rice)” which showed how great of a solo artist he truly is. It was followed by “Attention,” “You and I against the World,” and “Compromising Me.” You could actually several fans crying tears of joy merely because of his presence. Crying or not, everyone was enjoying their night along with William Beckett. Everybody was rocking and singing along with every word of every song he performed.

“Drummer” was his 5th song followed by “Oh, Love!” and “You Never Give Up.” Every fan couldn’t stop screaming at some point that Beckett even had to ask the fans to settle down for his song to be heard. He was so down-to-earth that he didn’t just perform but he also talked to the fans during his act. Beckett is such a sweet guy – he reacts to almost every reaction he hears, he communicates with his fans, he looks deep in every fans eyes when he sings and he tries to do everything that would make his fans happy.His reactions are so cute you cant help but smile, or even cry, for some of his fans. His next song was “After the Last Midtown Show” followed by “Everything We Had” and “About a Girl.” He is not just a musician but he is also a bit of a joker!He was trying to fool his fans that that was his final song in several parts of the show.  But this time, he wasn’t joking around because his last song was “Great Night” and every fan did have a great night not just because of William Beckett but also because of There for Tomorrow and Every Avenue.

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