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10 Things you should know about The Wanted

10 Things you should know about The Wanted 
Written by Jamie Ortega
  There’s no denying the popularity of the super-sexy British-Irish boy band The Wanted. Flip the radio dial on any given day and one will undoubtedly get a dose of their hit mind-blowing tunes Glad You Came, Chasing The Sun and All Time Low. Need more information? Browse their names on YouTube and feast your eyes on five incredibly handsome charmers named Max George, Jay McGuiness, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes.

But before you pass off these drool-worthy lads as a couple of regular blokes who merely coast by on, well, what their momma gave them, get a load of this: their debut album The Wanted peaked at number 4 in the UK. Their hit single Glad You Came sold three million copies in the US hitting the number three spot in the Billboard Hot 100. This was quickly followed by another sexy dance ditty Chasing The Sun which also made impressive progress on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Now that you’re on The Wanted train ( you’re welcome), here’s a bit of news that is sure to warm up your day- they are coming to Manila!

Catch Max, Siva, Jay, Tom an Nathan LIVE on September 14 at the NBC tent in Bonifacio Global City and for more details please call 470-2222 or visit
To spice things up MCS will be producing a series of weekly articles to whet your appetite ‘till the big day. Here is the first installment entitled 10 Things you should know about The Wanted. ENJOY!

1) The Wanted was formed in 2009 through a series of mass auditions organized by Jayne Collins, founder of the groups The Saturdays and Parade. Max, Tom, and Nathan were the first ones accepted, followed by Siva and Jay, The entire process lasted for 9 months. WHEW!

2) Max is a professional football player! He was supposed to join team Preston North End and nearly signed a two-year deal with them. He was also part of another boy band named Avenue which entered the third series of the X-Factor in 2006. On the romantic front he was formerly engaged to Michelle Keegan, a 25 year-old actress. Max is now single, and ready to mingle? We wonder if he will meet someone during their stay here?

3) At the age of 19, Nathan Sykes is the baby of the group. You could say that music is really is in his blood, having a music teacher for a mother. He won various singing competitions as a child, proving that one is never too young or too old to follow one’s dreams of making it big in the music biz!
4) If you havent guessed it by now, 23 year-old Siva Kaneswaran is half Sri Lankan and half Irish. Siva started modeling at the age of 16, appearing in various ads. He was also part of the TV show The Rock Rivals together with his TWIN brother Kumar! Siva took on the role of Carson Combs while Kumar played Caleb Coombs. An agent spotted Siva during one of his modeling campaigns and recruited him for the group.

5) James Jay McGuiness has a twin brother too! He has a non-identical twin brother named Tom. Did you know that Jay is quite the dancer? The 22 year-old singer/dancer went to Charlotte Hamilton School of Dance.

6) Sometimes fate leads you down a different path- Tom Parker auditioned for X-Factor but did not get past the first round. He also joined a Take That tribute band called Take That II before joining the Wanted. He is also an accomplished guitarist too! He learned how to play the guitar at the age of 16.

7) The Wanted boys are such appreciative and goofy lads- when they were given a green hairpiece by fans upon arriving at the LAX airport last June instead of turning up their nose in surprise and bafflement they started wearing it and taking photos with fans while wearing it! How sweet! (check out the pictures here:

8) Max is such a sweetie! He’s revealed in past interviews that he cries after watching heart-warming flicks like Jaws and The Plague Dogs. He is also very close to his family and wants to get married and have kids someday. “I have always had family values.”-well, you have pur hearts!
9) Siva is the quiet, soft-spoken lad in the group. He likes to spend his free time in the studio writing and recording tracks or just playing his guitar. Being in the modeling industry has given him a deeper meaning of what beauty is: “Beauty comes from within. There are beautiful people who are absolutely not beautiful inside. Definitely.”

10) Tom is the hyper one in the group! According to Max: “Tom never stops. He can’t switch off. We can do fifteen hours of work, get home and I’ll be, ‘I don’t wanna hear about anything to do with us, I’m turning my phone off, Twitter, everything, I am chillin’. Whereas he’ll get back and I’ll hear him going (world’s strongest Bolton accent) ‘mate! We’ve had three and a half million views now! See what it says on Twitter, mate? We’re top ten in Mexico”

Stay tuned for our next installment of MCS Exclusives featuring The Wanted!

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