Saturday, September 22, 2012

MCS Exclusive: Hanging out with The Cab

We at MCS will never stop saying how much we love what we do, especially when we get to hang out with cool musicians like Alex Marshall and Alex De Leon of The Cab. Check out our exclusive interview with these two talented and sweet musicians, learn about some of their favorite Pinoy dishes, how they feel about touring with Maroon 5, the secret story behind their hit song "La La", their plans after the tour and a whole lot more. Special thanks to Ayala and Visions and Expressions!

Watch our video interview here:

1. What's your favorite filipino dishes?
2. Why is your album always starts with the Same Alphabet WW, LL, SS?
3. How does it feels touring with Maroon5?
4. What's the story behind the song "Lala"
5. Who's your favorite artist you collaborate with?
6. What can fans expect to your upcoming album after this tour?

The Cab for Manila Concert Scene


Special thanks to Ayala Malls.

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