Monday, October 15, 2012

Concert Review: David Guetta turns Mall Of Asia Arena into one big dance party!

David Guetta turns Mall Of Asia Arena into one big dance party!
Written by Jamie Ortega
Photos by Jasper Lucena

Party goers packed the Mall Of Asia arena last October 10, 2012 as the world’s number one DJ, David Guetta, rocked the dance floor with his chart-topping club beats. Just as he promised to in a recent article on Yahoo OMG, Guetta treated party philes from all walks of life to a “magical journey,” full of unforgettable dance hits, a trip that began at around 9 pm when concertgoers were treated to complimentary cups of Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum before entering the venue. While holding the potent drink in their hands, people in the crowd began to bust their own moves, bop their head to the music, and sway their Styrofoam glow sticks in the air as Guetta’s special guest Australian singer and DJ Kaz James put the crowd in a party mood with his infectious beats. Alesso, an international EDM sensation who was personally chosen by Madonna as a support act for her tour, was Guetta’s second guest DJ. He played his tracks Years, Calling (Lose My Mind), and Every Chance We Get We Run.

As the two stellar DJ’s revved up the crowd with their heart-thumping beats, this writer silently marveled at the diverse cliques present at the event. There were yuppies, college students, socialites, and representatives from the fashion and business industries-just to name a few. Indeed, only Guetta, the man responsible for taking dance music to dizzying heights, could have converged such a diverse group of people seemingly united by one goal- to let loose and PARTY THE NIGHT AWAY!

The crowd became even wilder at the stroke of midnight as laser green lights filled the stage. Finally, after hours of waiting, the two time Grammy –winning house music producer, wearing a gray top and jeans, set the arena on fire with his mind-altering electronic beats. The Paris-born Guetta, who is known for his show stopping fusion of dance and electro-pop music, began his set with the massive hit Tiitanium featuring Sia. This was followed by the master DJ’s other hits including Sexy Chick aka Sexy Bitch featuring Akon, and Turn Me On featuring Nicki Minaj.

Adding to the party atmosphere was an LED screen flashing titles of Guetta’s hits accompanied by a spectacular fusion of multi-colored psychedelic laser lights that matched each tune. The smile that was on David’s face at the start of his set grew even bigger as he waved to the crowd and pumped his fists in the air, grateful and happy for the overwhelming reception. After having sold three million albums and 15 million singles worldwide, it’s wonderful to see the celebrated DJ act so humble and appreciative, gestures that will surely earn him even more fans.  After hours of cheering, squealing, bopping, grooving,  and screaming, Guetta ended the show with two songs, a  remix he’s never played before and one of his biggest hits to date, Without You, featuring Usher. The “magical journey”,

 continued ‘till the break of dawn at the after party held at the second floor of the Mall Of Asia Arena as concertgoers toasted to an amazing show!

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