Tuesday, October 9, 2012

James Morrison to Serenade the Big Dome Tonight

Title: James Morrison to Serenade the Big Dome Tonight
Written and Photos by Ava Sharra Sumortin

James Morrison is known for his soulful songs and the honesty of his lyrics and music. The artist behind the hits “You Give Me Something”, “The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore”, “Broken Strings” (featuring Nelly Furtado), “I Won’t Let You Go”, and “Up” (featuring Jessie J) will perform live in Manila today October 8. Yesterday, he indulged the members of the media for an intimate press conference.

He was first asked about his arrival in Manila. He described it as a “strange experience” because it was hectic. He was welcomed with camera crews and police escorts. I guess Filipinos always go the extra mile when it comes to being hospitable.

Since Manila is not exactly a stone’s throw away from England, his hometown, he is pleased to be in our shores. Prior to traveling to our country, he said he had no idea about the Philippines. So how does he feel that his music touches people halfway across the world? He said, “It feels like I’m doing my job… like I’m bridging the gap between people around the world.”
He is oftentimes dubbed as a “white soul” singer. I feel that it’s not only because of his music, but also with the impression that you get from him. According to him, though, “I try not to think about color, I try to think about the feeling… Call it what you want, as long as you like it.”

His musical influences span generations. He grew up listening to songs from the early ‘60s to early ‘70s. He didn’t mind the artists and the singers as long as they are “good songs with passion and soul.” Now that he is one of the world’s most charismatic artists, he makes use of the upbringing that he had to create his latest album, “The Awakening”. He describes the album as a process of him “waking up as a person or artist.”

He is also known for his heartfelt songwriting skills. He said that he writes songs “for people who can’t express themselves.” That particular answer made an impact on me personally. We all feel we can relate to songs one way or another and that makes us attached to a song. That’s what makes songs unforgettable. What’s the best atmosphere for him to create a song? He said writing songs is much easier with problems. That explains all the James Morrison songs that seem to tug at our heartstrings. In addition to that, thinks he was born sad. “I think we are born sad. You just find your way to be happy,” he said. I couldn’t agree more.

Since he started being a singer when he was young, he was asked about his advice to other artists that want to make their songs be heard. He advised that musicians should not always try to please people by staying true to themselves and their music.
Tonight, James Morrison will hold his concert in Manila for the first time and fans should expect “some good old-fashioned rock and roll experience.” For sure, that is something that he will give.
The Awakening World Tour: James Morrison Live in Manila is presented by Midas Promotions.

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