Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MCS Concert Review: The Cab on Full Throttle

Title: The Cab on Full Throttle
Written by Niche Dumlao

Pop punk favorites, The Cab, recently drove the Ayala Malls on a musical frenzy as the 5 lads from Las Vegas played to a massive number of their Filipino fans for 3 consecutive days. Social media went haywire as days leading to the shows all ended up on the trending list, as well as massive hype resulted awesomely, much to the delight of the band. In fact, band guitarist, Alex Marshall tweeted “I want to stay in Manila forever”.

Serving their brand of tunes, the boys shuffled tracks from their 2011 album, “Symphony Soldier”, as well as few tracks from 2008’s “Whisper War”. Opening with “Temporary Bliss”, the boys were in their full element as they bounced around the stage, exchanged banters with the crowd and fooled around with each other! Favorites such as “Take my Hand”, “Bad” and “Animal” were given the 3 on 3 punches together with the expected stage shenanigans the band likes to put out. “This has got to be the craziest afternoon of our lives”, declared vocalist Alexander De Leon. And we couldn't help but cheer.

By the time “Angel with a Shotgun” came, utter chaos exploded as the fans went full with their screams. Joey later commented on how the fans reacted with, “I'm proud to say the week we had off we dedicated to performing for some of our best fans...Manila.” But the party didn't stop there as the boys also covered One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” followed by Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.

Halfway through the show, the band slowed things down with “Endlessly”. Of which, the boys asked a lucky fan to join them onstage.  It was indeed one of the most heartwarming parts of the show. One of the fans asked to go onstage event went on to describe her experience as “the best thing ever.”

The last part of The Cab’s set was composed of “Bounce”, “Her Love is My Religion” and “La La”. Despite being it the last trio of tracks, the energy from the crowd as well as the boys from Vegas didn't falter one bit.  “This tour has been the most amazing, exhausting and mentally-difficult tour”, Joey later commented on his blog.  He also adds, “I can tell we are a totally different band when we have our shows with our fans there singing their hearts away. We have become great at adapting to what the crowd wants... and feeding what the kids demand.”

What do you expect, we’re talking about one of the liveliest acts out there as well as a bunch of the most dedicated Filipino fans. That’s definitely perfect chemistry where in we see no signs of slowing down. Good job, The Cab…good job.

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