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Review: Zac Efron charms Pinoy fans at Penshoppe 2012 Fan Conference

Title: Zac Efron charms Pinoy fans at Penshoppe 2012 Fan Conference 
Written by Jho Mariano and Jamie Ortega

 (Photo from Penshoppe)
Penshoppe has been really pulling out all the stops in enlisting some of the today’s hottest Hollywood stars to join its’ roster of international endorsers.  After having previously signed Gossip Girl stars Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester, Thai Superstar Mario Maurer, Vampire Diaries heartthrob Ian Somerhalder, the latest addition to its’ elite and glamorous list is 24 year-old actor and international heartthrob Zac Efron.  Indeed, there is no denying the popularity of Zac Efron, more than just his boyish good looks the 24 year-old actor is known and recognized for his versatility as well after having taken on a gamut of roles from the high school basketball star-drama geek Troy Bolton in the “High School Musical” trilogy, to the suave musical actor Link Larkin in “Hairspray” to  the retired soldier Logan in “The Lucky One” which  grossed an average of 92, 457, 138 at the box-office.

When Penshoppe announced a couple of weeks back that they will be bringing Efron to the country for a fan conference, it sent the actor’s fans into an all-out frenzy! But that was nothing compared to the “fandemonium” felt last September 29, 2012 at the actual event. From as early as 6 pm, fans were already lining up outside the Mall Of Asia arena eager to get a glimpse of their beloved idol. By the time 8pm arrived and people were allowed inside, every area of the state of the art arena was full of fans screaming, shouting, and giggling in anticipation. After several intermission numbers from different local artists like La Diva, Never The Strangers and Jay-R, the U.P. Pep Squad introduced the star of the night with a lively performance from   “High School Musical” the film that shot Zac to fame.

Several minutes after their performance, the most awaited star of the night wearing Penshoppe from head to toe descended from the top of the stairs on the stage to the runway. . The handsome actor, with tears in his eyes, ran down the runway while giving high-fives to the crowd  before  throwing the black leather jacket he was wearing into the audience

This was followed by a question and answer portion with "King Of Talk" Boy Abunda facilitating the interview.  Zac first talked about his recent trip to Misibis Bay resort in Albay which he did several years before the fan conference.

During the interview, Zac stated that his trip to Albay was “unbelievable” and that Filipinos are “so nice!” He also revealed  that after trying it for the first time, his favorite food is now balut or fertilized duck egg- a statement that was met with ear-splitting cheers. Encouraged by the response Zac said,
“You make me feel so at home. I just wanna move here!”On being  asked to describe himself in three words. he said,, “I can do it in four: I love the Philippines!”

Boy Abunda also did not pass up the opportunity to ask Zac about his passion for acting, singing, and dancing, and even about his love interests. Boy asked if his preference for the type ofwomen he goes for  has changed, a statement which  reminded everybody about one of his most famous relationships – Vanessa Hudgens, her leading lady in the “High School Musical” fever who is a Filipino-American artist. Every fan present that night went wild with hope when Zac answered, “I think she's Pinoy. She might be out here somewhere. She might be all the way at the top, right there,” while pointing to his fans at the upper sections. With just a few days away from turning 25, he admitted that he was thinking about settling as he stated “Maybe my wife is here somewhere,” making the ladies swoon even more at his appealing answer.

Moving on to his career, Zac revealed that he is looking forward to doing more movies for his fans. Regarding his “High School Musical” films, he said that it will always hold a special place in his heart because  it was the film that launched his career, moreover he considers it “the most amazing experience in my life.” He also revealed what he thought was the best thing about it which was  “the many friends that I made, the relationships that I made, and another best part about it was that it allowed me to travel the world and come to places like here and meet all of the fans whom I owe so much. I love you guys."  Zac also talked about his upcoming movie Paperboy which he stars alongside Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack and Nicole Kidman in “The Paperboy” by Lee Daniels.  On being asked how it was to work with Nicole Kidman Zac said it was as “amazing.” He also added that Nicole Kidman is “one of the loveliest people in the world.”
Judging by his enthusiastic and sincere responses, it would be safe to say that Zac is more than just a pretty face. He is a guy with a talent, and a good heart to boot who is comfortable with his fame. Another proof of this was how he would always recognize the presence of his fans which he said was the best part of being famous. “It’s awesome! You guys rule! I love being up here!” he exclaimed.  He adds, “There are certain things that fame has taught me. It has taught me to really appreciate my family above all things, love my work, and the most important thing in the world is your fans. That's why it's so nice to be able to come here and meet you guys. You're the only good thing about fame. All of you. You put a smile on my face every time I see you,”

Zac talked about his days as a student as well. He revealed that he was a “good student” who got “good grades.” He also said that he really “loved to sing and dance.” and  he could not pick one if he was to choose among the two. Boy proceeded to ask Zac a bunch of fun and random questions like what he   would most likely do if he was invisible for a day “I'd probably go like kicking a goal during a soccer game,” he answered. On being  asked whathe would do on a bad day; Zac answered, “Do something crazy, [like] go bungee jumping.” He also revealed that his alternative profession of choice is “airplane pilot”  and that“The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkienis  his favorite book.  When it comes to influences his biggest influences  are Among all of the James Dean and Paul Newman and his favorite song is “Hotel California” by Eagles.  On being asked about his personal fashion style Zac said that he likes laid-back apparel and that he enjoys pieces from the ‘50s.

Another exciting portion during the fan conference was the question and answer portion. ABS-CBN reporter MJ Felipe and Magic 89.9 jock Andi Manzano asked the fans in the audience to give Zac their message. Itwas definitely an easy task for the hosts as fans nearly raised their arms and fell over themselves just to get their attention.    . Being the nice guy that he is, several girls were able to talk and even ask Zac for favors and one fan even got her first kiss from Zac after she asked him if he would be her first kiss.

The question and answer portion was followed by a meet and greet photo session where
100 lucky fansgot the chance to to meet-and-greet Zac after the interview. More than just take photos with him  the fans were able to get warm hugs, quick chats, photos and autographs with him as they went on stage in groups. All we can say is –lucky girls!

No one can deny that it has been a really great year for Penshoppe and we are sure things are only going to get better for the clothing brand. By enlisting Hollywood celebrity endorsers they are not only making their consumer’s dreams come true they are also  increasing awareness of the brand on a global scale an act that makes us very proud to be Pinoy!

Photo credits: Penshoppe

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