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The Jabbawockeez to bring Vegas to Manila via hit show M.U.S.I.C

The Jabbawockeez to bring Vegas to Manila via hit show M.U.S.I.C
Written by Jamie Ortega
Manila will get a dose of Vegas this weekend as the internationally renowned dance group  Jabbawockeez brings their hit Las Vegas show M.US.I.C to different Ayala Malls.

Entitled “Jabbawockeez Present M.U.S.I.C (Muse-I-See),” the 90-minute show, directed by choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha, is full of exhilarating dance moves that will surely captivate mall goers of all sizes and ages. Apart from their stupendous stunts and awesome dance moves, another trademark of the America’s Best Dance Crew Season 8 Champs are the plain white mask and gloves that they wear on stage to guide the attention away from individual identities, towards a unified group.

A concerted effort to deviate from the norm, coupled with the group’s God-given talent, dazzling creativity, hard work and determination, are just some of the Jabbawockeez’ outstanding qualities that contributed to their quick rise to fame following their America’s Best Dance Crew win .A huge part of that success are also the group’s noteworthy achievements like performing at the 2008 BET Awards with Ne-yo, and the2011 Daytime Emmy Awards with Wayne Brady. And just last August 2012, the Jabbawockeez added another feather to their cap by being honored for their contribution to the dance community with the Hip Hop International Living Legend of Hip Hop Award.

 But that’s not all- the Jabbawockeez recently broke records as well by being the first dance crew to headline their own show, M.U.S.I.C.  in Las Vegas. Now they’re set to captivate their fans here as they bring M.U.S.I.C to the Philippines for the first time. In line with that, Manila Concert Scene caught up with the boys, together with America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2 Winners Super Crew, for a roundtable interview at the Makati Shangri-la hotel.  Check out the interview here:

How does it feel like to open up for New Kids On The Block back in 2009?
Jeff Phi Nguyen: Opening up for those artists, wow, those guys are like family to us now. We really had a great rapport with Donnie Wahlberg, they spent a lot of time with us. And when the tour was over, we partied it up a little bit with them, till this day we still kind of hang with them from time to time.

How do you guys see yourselves after 5 to 10 years?
Chris “Cristyle” Gatdula: After winning the show in 2008 we’ve just been evolving, and we’ve become closer as brothers as well.  I hope within the next 10 years as we get older we continue to be even closer, to keep doing shows, to keep doing what we love.  
Kid Rainen: The show that you will see in Ayala Malls, M.U.S.I.C, will be performed at the Luxor Hotel Casino in Vegas for six more years and we are very excited about that, people will get to see a totally different in our very own theater and we are so excited about that

What are some of your fondest memories of Manila?
Chris: Some of our fondest memories was our last trip to Boracay, it was such an amazing trip, we saw the beautiful island, ive always wanted to go there as a kid and everyones been telling me to go back
Kevin Brewer: For me the experiences we have in the Philippines have been just amazing. Everytime we come back we feel the love that our fans show us here. We always feel humbled and we love coming back here. We make it a point to give back the love we have and we always show that and do that. 

How about for the guys of Super Crew?
Do-Knock: We are excited to be here as well and we are excited to make new memories since it is our first time being here, its just a treat for us to perform for the Filipino fans and with the Jabbawockeez

You guys work for a living as dancers, which many consider a luxury. Do you ever get nervous when you perform?
Jeff: Yes, we just recently performed in Rio together on a stage and I think we were all tense, we perform so many times and we get  to do the same thing a repetitive thing, but there are also those shows where you get, like these shows that we are going to do out here, I know that we are going to be excited and nervous and  get the butterflies because that is what we live for, those butterflies that make us perform in the first place.

Kb- I wanted to add we personally, weve been doing it for such a long time, I am more excited than nervous, with what we are going to bring. I personally don’t have space for nervousness, before it used to be “uuugh” but now im just gonna show up and give the people what theyre expecting. I know that’s where my energy lies right now.

Chris- I think we are all in different places than we were before, and to think that weve gotten so much better, weve all been training and we’ve all been performing so much, I mean especially those Vegas show, what the Philppines is going to see, just an amazing show, it will be executed well.
Kb-Pack in your tsinelas!

Catch the Jabbawockeez and Super Crew at the different Ayala Malls, Trinoma on January 16, Market Market on the 17th, Glorietta on January 18, ATC on January 19, and Abreeza mall January 20.  

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