Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It all began with an intense desire to help delegates (of Neocatechumenal Way Communities – Sacred Heart Parish, Sta. Mesa, Manila) reach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the celebration of the World Youth Day 2013 from July 22-28.  Now, the concert is just waiting for its blast!

Why “ANNOUNCE!”?  It’s synonymous to “publish”, “advertise”, “broadcast”, etc… it is simply a powerful word “commanding” the youth to proclaim the Good News and to be disciples of Christ… just like what the WYDRio2013 is all about.

“ANNOUNCE!”  is a collaboration of powerful performers coming from the youth themselves:  ZYBER ACOUSTIK, whose members also started with “Kandila  Choir” of Sacred Heart Parish, now  doing regular gigs and guesting in university belts;  the dynamic ALVIR ANTHONY SUBRADO and the magnetic S

SCR-MANILA SINGERS ENSEMBLE.   Joining them are TV performers KRISSHA VIAJE (admired for her sing-and-dance prowess) and DETOUR (who popularized “Ako Na Lang” which topped the BIG TEN of Barangay LSFM).

Enjoy the show and help send youth to WYDRio2013!!

For ticket reservations, please contact MARICEL at 09334127243 or AMY at 09994044261.

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