Thursday, April 25, 2013

Concert Roundup: Demi's 1st Headline Concert in Manila

Concert Roundup: Demi's 1st headline concert in Manila
Written by Jhoanne Mariano
Edited by Jamie Ortega

The Big Dome was filled with teen hearts last March 20 for the first concert of Demi Lovato in Manila. Our very own Khalil Ramos performed for the opening act, his fans made sure that their presence and support for Khalil would be noticeable with all their clapping and howling. A few minutes after his performance, the venue went dim while the crowd went crazy filling the coliseum with screaming fans and glow sticks everywhere already pumped for the concert they’ve been waiting for since their first experience of Demi in Disney’s Camp Rock. As soon as the band started performing and demi began waltzing on the stage, fans of all ages went ballistic at the sight of the singer.

Demi Lovato started off with Unbroken, from her third studio album released last 2011. It was then followed by Get Back from her début studio album, which topped the music charts in different countries including the Philippines. She continued with Here We Go Again, La La Land, and Don’t Forget – another hit from her début album. It was followed by My Love Is Like A Star and a cover of a Miranda Lambert song, The House That Built Me.

Demi’s lyrics were filled with different emotions up by her enthralling voice and her heartfelt delivery, proving what an amazing artist she is. Fix A Heart, Catch Me, and Lightweight were the next set of songs she performed. She then sang the song that touched hearts all over the world, Skyscraper. Seeing her singing it, as she felt each word with tears in her eyes, it was like watching a scene out of a movie. Being able to move so many hearts at the age of 20 is so amazing, having that talent in writing and singing, sharing it with the world, proving what a wonderful person she is and how she used her talent for the greater good to stop the waterworks, she then performed a Chris Brown cover, Turn Up The Music. It’s pretty amazing to see Demi possess so much energy to do an excelt delivery of a dance tune after all the songs she’s been performing, but that’s simply her way to keep her fans as entertained as possible. During one of her songs, she even stopped the bouncers which were keeping her fans from standing up and enjoying the night, it only goes to show how sweet she is artists rarely do that in the Philippines but she did.

Heart Attack which is her new single off her upcoming self-titled album, and Remember December were her last two songs on her set list. All 14 songs were not quite enough for her fans because after they left the stage and bid farewell, people started chanting her name and begging for more from her. After several minutes of roaring “Demi!” and “We want more!” over and over, Demi fulfilled their wishes and went back for one last song which was Give Your Heart A Break. Fans dancing and singing along all night made sure that her last song would not be a waste; everybody was up on their seats rocking along as if it was the start of the night. She left the stage with such a worthwhile message that NO ONE should ever make you feel that you’re not special and if you do, you can always rise above them like a skyscraper; wise words  from such a wise and talented girl.


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Demi was amazing! I sang my heart out to Skyscraper and I joined the crowd in cheering for her. It was such a spectacular night. It really drained me, but it was sooooo worth it. It doesn't matter that I immediately crashed on my bed in my Pasig condo because it was an amazing concert.