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Concert Roundup: What we loved about The Script concert

Concert Roundup: What we loved about The Script concert
Written by Jamie Ortega
Photos by Kevin Pableo

The Irish alternative rock band The Script returned to Manila last March 31, 2013 for a concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. The  group, composed of Danny O’Donoghue in vocals, Mark Sheeran in guitars and Glen Power on the drums,  performed to a sold-out crowd once again. They entertained the crowd for one and a half hours with songs from their self-titled debut album The Script, second offering, Science & Faith, and third studio album #3. It was an unforgettable show indeed, from the selection of songs that the band performed, to their connection with the audience, to the fun and crazy antics that ensued onstage. Here is our selection of the top 10 best moments that night. What are yours?

1)    Danny mingling with the audience. It’s hard to count the exact number of times Danny went down into the crowd; the first time was We Cry and then the writer just kind of lost track after that. What she does remember is that he appeared in the lower box section near the end of the show which was totally unexpected.  There was also a time when he sat on the side of the stage to be closer to the crowd
2)    The audience interaction. The crowd present was a lively mix of yuppies, students, girls and guys. They sang along to the 13 songs and three encore songs. As the band was performing the song We Cry, Danny gave the mike to the fans in the crowd so they could sing along- which they did! It made this writer remember what he said during the roundtable interview, that Asian audiences are more in pitch than their European counterparts.

3)    The stories The Script shared before performing each song. It made the fans feel closer to the band. Before they performed If You Could See Me Now, Danny shared how difficult it was for them to write and record it because it talked about the death of Danny’s father and Mark Sheeran’s parents. I’m sure that performance made a people who’ve lost someone special in their life think about that person.

4)    Danny bringing the message of Nothing to life by talking to someone’s ex on the phone. Before they began the song, the vocalist asked someone in the audience to drunk dial an ex girlfriend or boyfriend. He then snatched someone’s phone and sang Nothing to the person on the line. It would have been cooler if he actually spoke to the person instead of singing to them, but then again it could have turned into a therapy session which would have been pretty inappropriate

5)     A drink-off onstage. The band has been quite open about how much they love liquor. In fact, liquor is often mentioned in their songs.  During the concert, Mark and Glen brought their love of booze to the next level by actually having a drink-off onstage! “You don’t give a free beer to Irish people and I hear it’s the same with Filipinos,” Danny joked. He even spilled the liquor on his head and threw the bottle he drank from into the audience!

6)  Manny Pacquiao + bunnies = A PRETTY AWESOME COMBINATION. The band got into the Easter spirit by having people in bunny outfits prance about onstage. Even if their presence was totally unannounced, the appearance of a couple of Easter Bunnies onstage was pretty hilarious. The band wished everyone a Happy Easter then put on boxing gloves and pretended to box the furry mascots. Danny then turned his back to the audience to show off the Team Pacquiao jacket he was wearing. It’s always nice when foreign acts pay tribute to the heroes of the land they perform in.

7)    The band’s versatility and musical range. Danny showed his musical prowess by playing the guitar then the keyboards. Glen played both the drums and the guitar.He even jammed with Danny while performing the song I’m Yours

8)    They know when to take it up a notch and when to bring it down. During the roundtable interview a few hours before, Glen said that the audience willbe on an emotional rollercoaster and it did feel that way. The concert began with the gritty Good Ol’ Days, slowed down with the heartbreak anthem Six Degrees Of Separation, then the band took the energy back up with the Hall Of Fame encore.
Photo from The Script's official Twitter page
9)    The band took a photo of the audience. They showed how special the night was to them by taking a picture of Smart Araneta Coliseum which they uploaded to their Twitter account. They also tweeted about how much they enjoyed performing in the Philippines by posting this message on their Twitter account alongside a photo of Mark and a skeleton wearing a hat: “Manila it’s time to say goodbye! We loved our stay! Peace and love” We’re not sure what the skeleton meant, but the message was sweet enough.

10)          The incredible encore. Judging by their setlist, the last song of the night was supposed to be You Wont Feel and Hall Of Fame. But because they loved the vibe they were getting from the crowd they performed the first song Good Ol  Days again! According to a tweet from Glen posted on their account it was the first time they did it. That was how much they loved the show and clearly, the feeling was mutual! 

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