Sunday, May 5, 2013

Them Deftones..

Title: Them Deftones...
Written by Niche Dumlao
Deftones is one of the most influential bands around, and it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that. In fact, they’re more than that. They’ve made themselves are integral. Not only in the heavier side of the scene, but music in general.
Boasting an unstoppable longevity, plus collection of acclaimed singles, ball-breaking albums and unforgettable music videos, this group from Southern California is one of the living proofs that hardcore still hits hard. Beyond that, the guys have always found a way to keep their sound fresh without losing their identity. No wonder they’ve been around for more than 15 years…and counting.

That’s why it comes as no surprise how a lot of people look up to this Grammy winning act - including a lot of our local artists. Well who wouldn’t? After all, Deftones may exactly be the poster boys for rock that’s both revolutionary and evolutionary. Forever creating ways to advance the genre. Hence we at MCS made some rounds within our band scene and asked a couple of our favorite musicians on their take why Deftones is such a defining force in the world of rock, likewise, and their favorite Deftones track.
And we now give the floor to these guys….

The Deftones were never corny. They were able to withstand the test of time without forcing anything. But basically, they just sound damn good. 
My favorite Deftones song is “Lifter” from Adrenaline. It’s just one of those song from your childhood that still sounds good today.

Deftones is such an important band because they stood the test of time. They’ve always done things their way and according to what they want to do. Which means a lot considering how the industry works. Their evolution through the years has nothing to do with the pressures to be or sound different. 
“Kimdracula” from Saturday Night Wrist is my favorite. The feel of the song is the feeling of being in a different world. The heavy guitars na hinaluan ng lambing na boses is what Deftones is about for me. Kahit gaano kabigat yung kanta, never siya masakit sa tenga. Magic nila ‘yun.

 They are very charismatic in terms of their image and stage presence. They are also sonically strong. I have personally been highly influenced by their music. They have achieved a very unique sound of their own that you cannot box in into one specific genre. My favorite Deftones songs would be 7 words, Nosebleed, My Own Summer, Lotion, Head Up, Elite, When Girls Telephone Boys, Hexagram, Needles and Pins, Digital Bath, Riviere, Xerces, Sextape, 976-Evil, Prince, RX Queen, Entombed, What Happened To You, Gauze, Rosemary, Diamond Eyes…I love all these songs because these songs speak to me in a way that’s beyond myself.


I think the reason why Deftones is such a fixture is because they know how to make beautiful music. I’ve been listening to them since I was 12 and I still appreciate and love thier musical style up to now. They reall y are one of the most influential bands ever. As for favorite track, “Be Quiet and Drive”…just be quiet and listen to it.


One reason why Deftones is majorly relevant…they keep coming up with great records time and time again. It’s their consistency sa craft nila.


I’m not sure if Deftones is relevant anymore actually. At least not for the kids I guess. Definitely for those who grew up with the music it is. They’re definitely more relevant than the other alt-metal bands that came up with them because they were exceptional songwriters and they managed to balance the heavy and melodic elements of their sound.

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