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Words by Manila Concert Scene
Photos by Kris Rocha for Manila Concert Scene
Additional Photo from Patricia Avena

Now on its second year, the Bazooka Rocks Festival churned out to be a bigger version of its 2012 self.  Arming itself with longer show hours, the first indoor rock festival went on none stop from 10 in the morning to around midnight. And not once did it show signs of slowing down. Why would it, when it boasts high octane sets from a dozen of the most exciting bands around.

Julz Savard of Save Me Hollywod.
(Photo by Patricia Avena)
Starting off with Penguin, Faintlight, Mad Hatter Day and Save Me Hollywood, the BRF quickly commenced the festivities on a very strong note. By showcasing homegrown prowess, these local bands made a ball busting kick off for the whole day event. And the crowd loved every single minute of it. Singing along and Instagramming the morning away.

Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive.
(Photo by Kris Rocha)
By noon, Radio Drive By hit the stage bearing their boyish charms and catchy tunes. The good-looking upstarts proved they’re one band to look out for in the pop punk scene. This sweetness was later followed by the over the top goodness known as UCHUSENTAI:NOIZE. Armed with well-choreographed band ditties and amazing musical precision, the Japanese rock band easily became one of the most talked about sets from BRF. By the time Tonight Alive played, the crowd has shown an increase in size. Of which, vocalist Jenna McDougall exclaims, “We can’t believe this is happening!”

We Came As Romans. (Photo by Kris Rocha)
The notable growth in audience member count made the party more fun, and the mosh pits more immense. And this mosh pit was worked intensely upon the arrival of We Came As Romans.  The boys from Michigan orchestrated a series of circle pits and a wall of death, of which the crowd gamely participated in. And here ends the afternoon slots.

Ronnie Winter of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. (Photo by Kris Rocha)
The evening sets began with servings from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. And as expected, their massive singles were enthusiastically embraced by those in the BRF. Tracks such as “My Guardian Angel” and “Face Down” echoed throughout the halls of the SMX beautifully.

Anberlin. (Photo by Kris Rocha)

And this energy was sustained through Anberlin as the Florida natives brought out a robust performance. With a selection of songs from their latest, “Vital”, and cuts from their earlier albums, Anberlin took the stage with outstanding fervor. Thus proving to be one of the most outstanding bands that day.

All Time Low. (Photo by Kris Rocha)

And then there was All Time Low. By the time the boys came, total fan festivities erupted. Bra drops, massive unison singing and jump arounds came in throve. All Time Low easily showed why they truly are the crowd favorite. Stamping further that headliner reputation like it were nothing.

Nick Santino of A Rocket To The Moon. (Photo by Kris Rocha)
But alas, all good things must come to an end. And who else to end the day than A Rocket To The Moon. Touting their BRF number as a “farewell set”, ARTTM played songs from their 5 year existence yet treated the farewell as a celebration instead of a goodbye. But the sadness was still observable as a number of their fans shed tears for their disbandment.

A Rocket To The Moon. (Photo by Kris Rocha)
All in all, the Bazooka Rocks Festival delivered what it promise to give. A show brimming with explosive sets and exciting festivities. So the next time BRF 3 comes around, be sure to sign up for it and show up. If these first 2 years of BRF are any indication, then we’re sure the next ones are gonna be as exhilarating – if not…maybe even more.  So see you on the next one!

BAZOOKA ROCKS FEST 2 is presented by Pulp Live World.
August 25, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center

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Jef Roxas said...

I can say this is the best concert I've been to. No dull moments. Everything you'll need on a whole-day of moshing is there. No delays. Well organized M&G's. Epic moshpits. Best line up! Looking forward to BRF 3.