Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Words by  Manila Concert Scene
Photo by Jasper Lucena (Grabbed from MMI's Facebook page.)

TONY BENNETT with daughter Antonia Bennett
and Ovation Productions' Renen and Cel De Guia.

Tony Bennett can be described in a lot of ways. Singer. Songwriter.  Crooner. Grammy Hall of Famer. Award winning musician. But if there’s one thing more apt than these descriptors, I think it’s “legend”. With a career spanning decades doting along countless music gems and numerous achievements as well in film and art, Bennett truly owns up to the title “legend”. That’s why it came as no surprise when the news broke out the man was staging his first-ever Manila show, people immediately came in multitudes.

Decked in his usual classy manner, the Italian-American icon presented an evening of songs from his very rich discography. From “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”, to “Smile”, “The Best Is Yet To Come” plus standards like “Who Can I Turn To”, “Chicago” and “Strangers In Paradise”; Bennett effortlessly pleased those present in his show.  Not only that, Bennett too featured his more recent hits off his album “Viva Duets”,  and a beautiful Sinatra cover of “Just in Time”. Along the way, Tony made anecdotes about musicians he’s worked with plus little stories about the songs he was singing and how it came about. Who knew that song man was a story man too.  But we loved every part of it. All in all, making the PICC Plenary Hall a witness to how great this man is.
After the show, we’ve found new words to describe Mr. Bennett. We find it suited to call him a charmer now. A showman too is another great way to describe him. We too could describe him as warm. Entertaining.  Delightful. Or we could once again simply call him, a legend. Kudos Mr.Bennet, kudos.


“Tony Bennett In Concert 2013” is presented by Music Management International and Ovation Productions.

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