Friday, September 27, 2013


Words by Niche Dumlao
Photos by Jasper Lucena

There were probably 100 things we loved during the Rihanna show, but we listed the 4 most standout parts of the event. Why 4? Well…diamonds have 4 sides after all.

1. Rockstar 101
With eye popping motion editorials and elaborate staging, the Diamonds tour was one visual fest. With creative uses of the LED screen plus on cue stylings of pyro, the stagework for the show was top notch. Creating a captivating element that further enhances the massive Rihanna experience.

2. Please Don’t Stop the Music
The setlist for the Riri show was a good mix of old favorites and new hits. Starting the show with the triumvirate of “Phresh Out the Runway", "Birthday Cake" and "Talk That Talk", Rihanna immediately set the mood for Diamonds – a sexy, cocky and confident  evening that ups her status in the pop world. Other songs in her setlist included “All of The Lights”, “Man Down” and “What’s My Name”.

By the halfway mark her show, Rihanna made a back to back to back performances of her well-loved pop gems.  These medleys were probably the ones that garnered the most cheers from the crowd. First off, a collection of her love songs which included "Love the Way You Lie (Part II)", "Take a Bow", "Cold Case Love" and "Hate That I Love You". There, Rihanna showcased the prowess of her voice. How she sang every single one with skill and precision, Riri proved that she indeed can sing. The second part of her medley was the bevy of her club hits.  Starting off with "We Found Love", the dance hits kept coming. "S&M", "Only Girl (In the World)", "Don't Stop the Music" came in tow, ending perfectly with "Where Have You Been".  Man was it a treat.

3. Phresh Out the Runway
We all expected Riri to be fashionably delicious that evening, but we didn’t expect the fans to be just as dressed. A great number of the fans attended the event taking fashion cues from the pop star. From the grunge appeal of in her “We Found Love” video, to the leather and black clad look in her “Rated R” album art, to the neon appeal in her “Loud” days – the fans brought it. And Riri seemed to take notice when she said “Well you all look great, Manila.”

4. Only Girl In The World
Despite all the stage works and fanfare, we cannot help but give it to Rihanna. The Grammy Winner gave an unapologetic approach to her performances with her sexy dance steps and, at times, raucous hand gestures. Still, it didn’t give an off vibe. The way she did her numbers exuded confidence and glam that only a global superstar like her could deliver. Commanding every step of the way with power.  From the coy interplay with her dancers to the interaction with her band (with acclaimed guitarist Nunno Bettencourt as her lead axe guy), Riri used the stage fully. Showcasing how she’s grown and matured, shining brightly and owning her diamond status.

Diamonds World Tour: RIHANNA Live In Manila 2013 is presented by Music Management International.

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