Sunday, September 22, 2013

URBANDUB Releases New Album "ESOTERIC"

John Dinopol, Lalay Lim-Geronimo, Gabby Alipe & Janjan Mendoza
[Photo by Kris Rocha]
To the delight of their army of fans, iconic Cebuano rock stars Urbandub releases their long-awaited sixth album, ESOTERIC, later this month. The album, which contains the epic new single "Never Will I Forget," is now available digitally via Smart Music and iTunes and in CDs in stores nationwide.

ESOTERIC is the follow-up to Urbandub's 2009 album The Apparition. After a four-year break from producing studio albums, during which frontman Gabby Alipe became a father while bassist Lalay Lim became married woman, the band feels that their music has grown up just as they have.  Thirteen years after their formation, they find that writing new material has become more effortless as they have grown confident in and familiar with each other's strengths.  ESOTERIC was more of a group effort than their previous records, with most of the songs arising spontaneously and organically from group jam sessions.  Guitarist John Dinopol revealed "the way we wrote the songs was more impromptu."

ESOTERIC's name comes from Alipe's extensive use of metaphors in the album's lyrics, which allude to the four elements. According to the band, the album is their most experimental and mature work to date. Furthermore, the feel of the album is more hopeful and fun, contrasting with their previously "bitter" material.

"We've been doing this for as long as we have and it's now really starting to be fun for us," Alipe said.

Urbandub during the ESOTERIC album launch at Teatrino.
[Photo by Kris Rocha]
The album's lead single "Never Will I Forget" was premiered on radio stations Jam 88.3, Magic 89.9, Monster Radio RX 93.1 and Mellow 94.7 on the 22nd of July.  According to Alipe, the single was an attempt to capture the band's gratitude for the "dubistas," Urbandub's loyal fanbase.  The song's anthemic chorus - in which the band passionately belts the line "long time no see!" - highlights their eagerness to reconnect with their fans after taking a break from making albums.  He called the song a "reunion of sorts."  Containing optimistic lines like "the future is brightening," "Never Will I Forget" is a great representation of ESOTERIC's positive and hopeful tone.  Other band favorites from the album include the tracks "Hover," "Dim the Headlights" and "Mantra."

ESOTERIC is released by MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) and brought to you in collaboration with LINE.


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