Sunday, October 27, 2013


Words By Lara Cartujano
Photos by Maria Angeline Zalamea

There was an ocean of sapphire blue at the Mall of Asia Arena last 24 October 2013 as thousands of fans fervently cheered for Korean boy group Super Junior in its one-night only concert.

As one of the stops for the group’s world tour titled “SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW 5 IN MANILA,” the much anticipated concert lasted for more than three hours and saw performances for more than 30 songs.

The concert kicked off with Super Junior’s hit single “Mr. Simple” and was followed by a string of hit singles “Bonamana,” “Super Girl,” “It’s You”, and “Sexy, Free & Single.” All throughout the concert, fans were treated with songs that span a wide range of Super Junior’s discography.  There were the concert favorites such as “Sorry Sorry,” “Sunny”, “Sapphire Blue,” and “Wonder Boy,” while older songs like “Marry U” and “Show Me Your Love” gave off nostalgic vibes.

One of the highlights of the show was when Siwon, Ryeowook, Kangin, and Sungmin cross-dressed to impersonate K-Pop divas Son Dambi, Bada, Gain, and Hyunah, respectively.

Kangin! This was his first time to perform in Manila for Super Show 5.
Nine out of the original thirteen members were present in the concert. Two of the group’s members, Leeteuk and Yesung, are currently serving in the military. Hence when a video of Yesung was shown on the screen singing “Gray Paper,” an emotional atmosphere enveloped the Arena causing some of the fans to cry for missing their idol. On the other hand, two of the original members, Heechul and Kangin, who had just finished their military service, were able to join the tour. This was Kangin’s first time to perform in the Philippines, while this was the first leg of Super Show 5 that Heechul participated in. The group was also joined by Henry and Zhoumi from Super Junior-M, the Chinese sub-group of Super Junior.

Fresh from the military service.
Manila was the first leg of SS5 with Heechul back in the group!
Much like the previous super shows, fans threw gifts on the stage, such as stuffed toys and chocolates, which the Super Junior members happily received, played with, and threw back at the audience, eliciting a playful and intimate atmosphere in the Arena.

As the boys were bidding their fans farewell to wrap up the show, a promise to return for another Super Show let slip. Henry also declared that Filipino fans, collectively, was the world tour’s loudest crowd again.

This was the third time that Super Junior performed in the Philippines. The first time was in 2010 for Super Show 2, and the second was in 2011 for Super Show 3.

Super Junior members who were in Manila are Donghae, Siwon, Kangin, Heechul, Sungmin, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Henry, and Zhoumi.

1. Mr. Simple
2. Bonamana
3. Super Girl (Korean version)
4. It’s You
5. Sexy Free, & Single
6. Boom, Boom
7. Club No.1
8. So Cold
9. How Am I Supposed to Live Without You
10. Harlem Shake Dance Performance
11. Cross-Dress Performance (Covers of Son Dambi’s “Saturday Night”; S.E.S’s “Loving you”; Gain’s “Bloom”; Hyuna’s “Ice Cream”; SISTAR’s “Alone”)
12. Trap – Henry’s solo
13. Close Your Mouth – Heechul’s solo
14. Break Down – Super Junior-M
15. A-Oh! – Super Junior-M
16. Go – Super Junior-M
17. Shake It Up!
18. Rockstar
19. Gray Paper
20. Daydream
21. Bittersweet + Someday + Memories [Medley]
22. Dreaming Hero
23. Sunny
24. Wonder Boy
25. Marry U
26. Sorry, Sorry
27. Show Me Your Love
28. Sapphire Blue
29. So I

Super Show 5: Super Junior World Tour Manila 2013
October 24, 2013 | Mall Of Asia Arena
Presented by Pulp Live World

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Negaihoshi~ said...

Hello~ I'm just here to ask.. I'm not a person with good memory but I really can't remember them singing "a dreaming hero" that night? :D

laraceres14 said...

It was the song when they came out dressed in superhero costumes. :)

Christine Park said...

"wonder boy" was the song when they came out dressed as super heroes which was performed before "sunny" and "dancing out" (which was left out from the list)

i also don't remember them singing "a dreaming hero"

and wook performed S.E.S.'s "i'm your girl"

correct me pls if i'm wrong =)