Friday, November 29, 2013

[PR] WilaBaliW FAHIRA Video Launch

It’s been three years since WilaBaliW launched their last album 10.10.10. Now a much awaited event this coming Tuesday, December 3, 2013 we get a glimpse of what they have been working on for their new album, as their video for their latest single “Fahira” will be launched in Route 196. The single was released last 11.12.13 at Jam 88.3 and is currently on the number 8 spot in the countdown on it’s first week of release. According to vocalist Ian Tayao, the song “Fahira” is about the experience of being intoxicated, in a state of mania and panic.

Shot in one venue over an entire weekend by Bed Bug Design Ltd, the meticulously produced video showcases a 360-degree view of the “Kweba”, the band’s headquarters, which has been converted into their recording space, production and rehearsal studio.

Director Jeremy Jay Abaño said that for this video he was able to play more with the shots, “random and wala sa rules”, he said. To give us something to look forward to during the video launch, Director Abaño described the footage for Fahira. In the beginning of the video he said he used a technique called “hyperlapse”. Normally done in photography, he explained that hyperlapse was applied in Fahira “by dropping 60fps to 8fps.”

WilaBaliW’s high-energy performances have created a huge loyal following in the Philippine underground rock scene.  While the band itself is a relatively new name to the industry, their effect to those who see them live is phenomenal.

The band members include Ian Tayao, one of the most charismatic frontmen in Philippine rock. His excellent vocal range matches no other rock singer around; Then there’s guitarist Louis Isok with his ballsy muscular riffs, bassist Niño Avenido who has won NU107’s bassist of the year three times, perfectly bonds his acclaimed musicianship with the precise and powerful drumming of Jesso Ron Montejo. Together, they provide tight, fist pumping heavy grooves that provide the foundation of their strident yet dynamic music, creating WilaBaliW’s powerful repertoire.

“Fahira” Video launch will be held this December 3, 2013. 9pm at Route 196.  Also performing are KJWAN, Earthmover, Tribo Subculture and DJ sets by B boy Garcia of Queso (DJ Momukhamo), Rastaro / DJ Reinz.

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