Saturday, November 16, 2013


Words by Niche Dumlao
Photos by Kris Rocha

First things first.

Ryan Tedder has every expressive hands. It’s probably one of the few little things that we’ve observed during their massively attended Araneta show. The vocalist of OneRepublic goes through every song feeling it with his fingers or with his fists. His hand gestures are observably very emotive. May it be caressing his microphone or beating his chest, or sharing a high five with the crowd, Tedder extends the magic of his voice though these little motions.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let us talk about OneRepublic’s show.

For a band known for its ballads, OneRepublic sure is hyperactive onstage. From the get go, the band from Colorado Springs gave every part of their show their best levels of energy. Alongside Ryan, his cohorts - drummer Eddie Fisher, bassist Brent Kutzle and guitarists Zach Filkins and Drew Brown – all served a satisfying concert filled with a whole lot of the audience members tearing up and several memorable sing-alongs  (Of which Tedder comments, “Gosh Manila, I know the Philippines have great singers by it sounds like you guys are a choir”). Drawing up a setlist composed of a plethora of their hits such as “Apologize”, “Stop and Stare”, “Marchin On”, “Secrets”, “Good Life” and “All the Right Moves”, OneRepublic came out delivering  each track flawlessly live. Araneta has indeed lost themselves inside the OneRepublic magic. Aside from the singles, the band also did several samples to work as in betweeners – ranging from Rihanna’s “We Found Love” to Coldplay’s “Yellow”, Kanye West’s “Golddigger” and “Heartless” plus M83’s “Midnight City”. But beyond the hits, the boys also served up a sampling from their latest release, “Native” – especially with their closing song, “If I Lose Myself”.

When asked to describe more about “Native”, Ryan comments, “Native…there’s this crazy juxtaposition happening on the album”. The 30 something also adds, “On one hand, we’ve tiptoed into the EDM world and brought in that energy, drive and tempo but on the other it’s got a lot of acoustic guitar and a much more organic feel”.  

In closing Ryan shares, “These new songs are about mortality, love, hope, desperation, faith, failure – the whole gamut of human emotion.”

And we’re pretty much sure the whole time he said that, his hands were also talking.


Native Tour: OneRepublic Live In Manila
November 6, 2013
Smart Araneta Coliseum
Presented by Midas Promotions


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