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Words by Niche Dumlao

Dave Elkins back in 2009 with Katy Perry.
First a confession.

Back in 2009, when radio station U92 held a fundraising show for the Ondoy relief featuring Katy Perry and MAE, I was more nervous talking to latter than the former. I really dunno why. I guess it comes along with the territory where in I get all anxious interviewing artists I look up to. You see, I’ve openly declared MAE as one of the top 5 bands on my personal list. The minute I’ve discovered them on Purevolume, I felt in like.

But the minute I heard the whole “Destination:Beautiful” album, I fell in love.

So imagine the nerves going up to the band for an interview.

Yet something weird happened. The nerves totally disappeared as the 3 boys turned out to be warm and accommodating. There, I learned how their songwriting process go. How they get inspired. And how being to avoid getting your tour van stolen. (During that time, their tour van was carnapped, but recovered few days after their Manila show).  In fact, that interview led to spending the whole day with the band serving as their tour guide, giving them their first sisig experience and their taste of San Miguel Beer and Rufo’s tapa. Plus, asking if I had a request for them to play. (I replied “Anything”. And they kept their promise.)

Man, was that fun.

Fast forward to today.

In a few days, one of the charming boys from MAE is back in town. Vocalist Dave Elkins shall be serving up tunes from his newest project – Schematic – and of course tracks from MAE. So we caught up with the singer/songwriter a few days back for some little chit chat.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Elkins.


Hi Dave! Where are you right now and what are you currently busy with?

I'm currently on an airplane heading west over the midwestern United States and busy with this interview!  Also, I'm living in Nashville, Tennessee, producing and writing music in my studio, and getting ready to promote my new project, Schematic and my new record, Color (n.) Inside The Lines.

I've always been a MAE fan and the new music from Schematic is really impressive as well. Why did it take so long for you to come back here in Manila? And why do a solo show?

Thank you!  I'm not really sure why its taken so long for me to come back to Manila.  Since I have written so many songs with Mae and hope to turn Filipino Mae fans into Schematic fans, I look forward to playing a solo acoustic show so I can play the Mae songs Filipino fans know well and want to sing along to and sprinkle in my new music so they can be eased into it.  The Schematic music in some ways is vastly different from Mae. Everyone wins this way!  Hopefully next time I come to Manila I can bring the Mae boys with me.

What's playing on your iPod now? What are you listening to and do you have any recommendations for us fans of what's cool out there?

New albums: Daft Punk, Dawes, Vampire Weekend, The National, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Local Natives, We Are The City, Bahamas.  Slightly older stuff: Death Cab For Cutie Plans is coming through the headphones while I type this.  I produced two projects in the studio a few months ago that I'm still really proud of: Asker The Escape Room and Coin 1992. Go check out both bands.  They're wonderful!

Among your old MAE tunes, which ones can us fans expect that you'll be playing? What does your set list look like for the Manila show?

I'll play as many songs from Mae and Schematic as I possibly can.  I have a few ways I'll be getting creative with the set list and I'll be taking requests for a donation.  We are going to be raising funds to help bring relief to victims of the typhoon so if you have pesos and you want to hear a song, we're going to make sure that someone gets help as a result.

The Philippines, specifically the Visayas area, was recently struck by one of the most powerful typhoons in history. If you could dedicate/perform a song for them, what would it be? What music/songs cheer you up whenever you're going through some rough times?

I'll be dedicating my entire set and my entire trip to those affected by the typhoon.  Amongst the tragedy I find myself blessed to be on my way to your country and do what I can with a guitar and some songs to bring joy and hope.  The Filipino people are a beautiful, strong, and generous people. Together we will useSaturday night to shine a light of love.


Catch Dave Elkins live this Saturday, November 16,  at the Hard Rock CafĂ© brought to you by Dig Radio, Pinoy Tuner and Jack Daniels.

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