Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Words by Kix Suarez

Last Saturday through Sunday, 7107 International Music Festival made history as being one of the biggest music festivals the country has seen in years. Held at the Global Gateway Logistics City in Clark the epic line up boasted of rock legends Red Hot Chili Peppers and the kind Kendrick Lamar. From the crazy cozy weather to the beautiful people, Manila Concert Scene breaks down what made 7107 a great success.

It wasn’t just the main acts that were noteworthy.
With headlining acts such as Kendrick Lamar, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Empire of The Sun and Kaskade, it’s hard not to take for granted the other performers. It was a good thing organizers had a knack for picking the right supporting acts to keep the crowd grooving and moving through out the two day festival. Noteworthy local acts were Motherbass, Indie fest staples Up Dharma Down and Radio Active Sago Project!

Food, food, food and more food.
Since the venue was pretty far from food establishments, 7107 organizers brought in some of the best food concessionaires in the Philippines. From famous Hooters grub like wings and bangers to Extremely Espresso’s legendary pizza, to even sushi there was definitely something to satisfy everyone’s munchies.

What’s a festival without an ice-cold brew in hand to cool down to? Refreshments were made easily available via satellite beverage stations and special VIP bars at designated sections. Bottle service was also offered keeping the two-day festival quite an amazing party marathon. All in good fun, all in good fun.

Beautiful People.
One of the best things that The 7107 festival team did was bring in beautiful people not just from all over the Philippines but neighboring countries as well. It introduced local talent to foreigners while also bringing in top international acts to join in the fun and celebration of music and art. From Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and other neighboring Asian countries, music lovers and party animals came together to genuinely have a grand good old time.

Great weather.
And though most expected the festival to be really hot and sticky, the weather gods seemed to cooperate and kept it quite chilly actually. It was bright and sunny in the afternoon as people came in to settle down and as the day turned to night, a gentle breeze kept everyone cool and comfy. It was definitely perfect weather to be out and about with friends and loved ones.

Out of town.
Another added bonus of the 7107 International Music Festival experience was the chance to get out of Manila for even just a weekend. It was a welcome and quite refreshing change of scenery to have held it at Clark. Although it was a bit o a drive to get to Angeles, Pampanga, having it at the chosen venue was way better than just having it at the same fields, arenas, coliseums and concert venues these sort of events happen in.

All in all, the two day festival was a great catalyst to change the concert culture in the Philippines. This seems to just be the beginning. A lot is still in store and we can’t wait because things are looking up. There was skepticism that surrounded the event but at the end of the day it proved that the Philippines is capable of coming up with an international worthy festival we can be proud of.

More photos from the event below:



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