Monday, February 10, 2014


Words by Niche Dumlao

The boys of Periphery were recently back in Manila once again for a one-night show at the SM North EDSA Skydome. And just like the first time they were here,  man did they kill it. Showing off a ball busting set composed tracks such as “Muramasa”, “Ragnarok”, “Masamune”, and “Luck as Constant”, the prog band from Maryland came out aggressively – delivering a tight show true fans deserve. Further delving into the night with tracks such as “New Groove”, “Insomnia”, Facepalm Mute” and ultimately ending with “Icarus Lives”.

Halfway through the show, vocalist Spencer Sotelo mused “This is unbelievable.” He adds, “This truly is an amazing place to play”.  For over an hour, the interplay of the band’s hardcode stylings and their prog sensibilities went blazing. Showcasing that they are indeed a band that goes massive when playing live. Hands down, not one disappointing minute.

Beyond their onstage onslaught, it’s also notable how the guys treated their fans warmly. Opening up to autographs and photos during their downtime, sharing quick his and hellos here and there.  In the end, a win-win situation for the band and their followers during Periphery 2.0.
All in all, we wouldn’t mind a 3.0 if ever.

Periphery Live in Manila concert was presented by Pulp Live World.

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