Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Words by Niche Dumlao
Photos by Kris Rocha

There are a lot of things you’d initially expect from an Avril show - the high voltage energy, the fist in the air sing-alongs, the high-octane hits, the kawaii mosh pits of fans clad in pink and black. After all, we've watched her during her previous Manila concerts.  True...It may be her 4th time in the country, but Avril still managed to keep things fresh by pulling some unexpected surprises during her show. And man, were they fantastic.

Hence we listed the top 4 best surprises during the punk rock princess' well-attended Smart Araneta show. Starting with...

Hit Machine!
This isn't really a surprise, but it was still unexpected considering this tour was to promote her new album, “Avril Lavigne”. The chart topper covered majority of her successful discography - from the poignant "I'm With You", to the angsty "Don’t Tell Me" to her debut, "Complicated". Everything was in the mix. Sk8r Boi included.

Green Day and The Rolling Stones homage.
In her "Rock n Roll" number, Avril paid respects to several punk legends by showing off several video snippets of them on her giant LED background. A little Green Day here, a splash of Rolling Stones there,  the punk rock princess showed her true punk rock self. Ultimately proving her love for the genre. And we loved her for that.

A Marilyn Manson cover.
This was totally out of left field because really, Manson and Lavigne aren't really the most logical of equations. Yet it worked in this show. By mashing up Manson's raucous hit, "Beautiful People" with her “Bad Girl” song, Avril pulled off a refreshing and off kilter number that was really novel.

OMG it's Chad Kroeger!
This is definitely THE surprise of the show. When Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger, joined Avril onstage to sing their hit duet – "Let Me Go”. Because really, it's astonishing how the concert crew managed to keep this under wraps. And the results were ballistic, with the Big Dome letting out deafening screams for this collab. Of which Avril gushes, "Aaaw my hubby". Who knew she could be so kilig-y.

So there, 4 awesome surprise moments from Avril's 4th time in Manila. And we're pretty sure it won't be the last will be seeing this muthafucking princess.

Avril Lavigne Live In Manila was brought to you by Midas Promotions Philippines.

More photos from the concert below:

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